Thursday, January 10, 2008


Alright ladies, here's a question for you that I've been pondering on and doing a very informal survey. How the heck do you know when and what to believe that a guy tells you?!?!? Do you listen to the rumors and innuendos? I've always been taught to believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see. And, when someone is telling you a story, remember, there is MORE than just one side. And, sometimes three, and four, and oh, wait . . . the actual TRUTH! I've been blindsided more than once, and I usually have a pretty good feel for the players, but let me tell ya . . . . 2007 was a heart rocker for me! I'm still working on recovering. I had a couple of relationships end, and one that I'm not sure I'll ever recover from . . . nor do I necessarily want to! We still keep in touch, and let me tell you - to see his name pop up on the Caller ID still gets my heart to goin', even though I know that there's a better chance of the track getting snowed out in July! Do you ever really, truly, recover, and "get over" somebody, or do you just live, learn, and move on?

Right now I'm hanging out watching some "Cashmere Mafia", waiting for E. to get here. It's not Sex and the City, but I reckon it'll do. I've heard that "Lipstick Jungle" is supposed to be pretty good as well. This writer's strike, though - I see their point, but dang! It's call COMPROMISE from both sides! Tomorrow night I'm going to go help Karey do some setting up, and then Saturday is the banquet. Sunday = Recovery! LOL