Monday, July 26, 2010

Since January?

Wow. Just, wow. I used to love writing, daily, and I just . . . got away from it. I think in some ways I've forgotten how to be me. And what I want. In other ways, it's become far more clear, what is important. But, for now, can I tell you about the bracelet I'm wearing?

This past week, I was on vacation. I was supposed to go see the Boy, but since that, well, fell through for various reasons, I found myself with a week with nothing to do. My friends, Karey and Laurie, and their respective families, had made plans to visit VA Beach. K. invited me to ride down with her sister, but her sister ended up leaving earlier than I could have left work. Bummer, but I was still flattered that they would even have invited me. I underestimated my friends. Karey and Laurie banded together to make sure that I had transportation there. Once I got myself to VA Beach (without a wrong turn!), Laurie let me bunk up with her family. The next two days were spent applying sunblock, chasing kids through waves, more sunblock, riding bikes, sunblock, eating yummy sushi and seafood, (did I mention sunblock?), and all in all, having a fantastic time with my friends. On Sunday, as Karey's mom was leaving, she tossed me the jelly bracelet they had given out at the hotel in case I needed it for something. I came home Monday evening, and spent the rest of the week contemplating and enjoying not having to be anywhere.

Each time I look at that bracelet, I'm reminded of how much I have to be grateful for. I have incredible co-workers, who jumped in at the last second to watch Britney for me. I knew how much I liked my friends, how much I consider them my family, but I was overwhelmed by their show of friendship. It's exactly right - Friends are the family that you choose for yourself. I've chosen, . . . very well.