Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Top Ten

Since I'm out of touch, how about a fabulous TOP TEN to start your weekend off??

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

I found this blog, and figured I would play along. But, I'm going to use 3 pictures, rather than one.

This "kid", is Sidney. I say kid, because he's really 19, but hey, in my world, that makes you a kid. What's amazing about him? Well, for one thing, check out that physique. Know where you get that? That's right, boot camp. Even with everything going on in the world as it is, he still joined the Reserves. And, he's received his orders to go to the sand box. My heart dropped when I heard about it. His amazingly awesome mama, is one of my best friends, Annette. See? Isn't she pretty? I met her when she used to work at the Drag Strip. She was totally super awesome at it.

Anyway, Sidney has been SO excited to finally be doing something. He was supposed to have left this past weekend, but now he's in a holding pattern. Isn't that frustrating? Mama doesn't know when he's leaving, he wants to get to doing something, and get over there with his friends, but it's a "sit tight, we'll let you know." And did I mention, he's in NJ? This family will do anything to help someone out. Sidney and his friends have come over and helped me put air conditioners in and out, and between them and the R. clan, I barely had to lift a finger when I moved! Annette unpacked my whole kitchen for me. Sure, I still can't find some things, but who cares? It's all put away!

Sidney loves his bike. He's crazy on it, and makes my heart stop, but, the kid loves that dangerous edge. Hello, did you catch the part that he volunteered knowing he was going to be going East? He's got a deep sense of pride, duty, and loyalty. The world wouldn't be bad off to have a few more people like him!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A meme . . . I love these!

I stole this from Tragedy Strikes the Same Place.

1. Where is your cell phone? In the Living Room, gently resting. I kid you not, you bump the sucker and it turns off!
2. Where is your significant other? At home, putting his kids to bed.
3. Your hair color? Dark Brown
4. Your mother? Wait . . .she told me. Ah, dinner out!
5. Your father? With mom
6. Your favorite thing? Vegging out time. Starting to get cranky about missing it
7. Your dream last night? No clue, but this waking up at 3 things SUCKS!
8. Your dream/goal? Save a life, deliver a baby.
9. The room you’re in? Back room
10. Your hobby? Er, used to be counted cross stitching.
11. Your fear? Not making a difference.
12. Where do you want to be in six years? Happy, settled.
13. Where were you last night? Uh, home! In bed! It was wonderful.
14. What you’re not? A city girl, rich, thin, beautiful.
15. One of your wish list items? A Wii, with the bundl-y fun stuff!
16. Where you grew up? Utah, but I consider NC home
17. The last thing you did? Talked to Annette, let the dog out.
18. What are you wearing? Sweatshirt, jeans, fuzzy socks
19. Your TV? Is paused on Desperate Housewives.
20. Your pet? 1 well loved (spoiled!) mutt
21. Your computer? Dell
22. Your mood? Cold, cranky
23. Missing someone? Oh yeah, but I'm not saying here.
24. Your car? Paid for!
25. Something you’re not wearing? rings
26. Favorite store? Yankee Candle
27. Your summer? Just right
28. Love someone? lots of someones. I have amazing friends. AH, KR, LP, Msh, CC, SN, LS, CL, love them all!
29. Your favorite color? Right now, teal
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? This weekend . . .emotionally drained.

Feel free to post to your blog but let me know so I can come read your answers.

Snow showers?

I woke up this morning, let the mutt out, and thought it was pouring down rain. Now, I didn't remember there being anything about rain in the forecast, so I turned on the porch light. It was the wind in the leaves! What a gorgeous sound. I love fall. I don't have a favorite season, 'cause it changes depending on what's going on. These were from my walk last night:

I love it! But, I just looked at the forecast, and it said "a.m. snow showers". What the . . . seriously? Guess it really is time to break out the warm clothes!
There was an interesting/humorous article in Reader's Digest, about what your bank teller won't tell you. I loved it! So many times, I've wanted to respond to someone questioning, "Why am I overdrawn?" Because . . . you spent more money than what you have!!! I mean, is this really difficult? You can't spend your money before you make a deposit. It just doesn't work that way! The bank didn't spend your money . . . you did. I get so aggravated explaining that, and then I'm the bad person who won't refund charges! I've already been called the Grinch this year.

Hopefully, tonight will be another quiet night. For the past couple of nights, I've woken up, wide awake, at 3am. What's up with that? I like my sleep! I don't like to be up in the middle of the night. At least this time I was smart enough to check the clock before I jumped into the shower, and realized it really was not time to get up yet. This being dark all the time really throws me off.

Just realized it's time to go get ready for work . . . Have you had snow yet?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend and Stacey, Part Deux

Well now. That was a weekend. One that was enjoyable, emotionally draining, and I'm glad it's over. I did have my company over, and while I loved visiting, it was, like I said, emotionally draining. A blog is definitely not the place for it - so I'll just leave it at that. However, I did get to see my friends' babies, and they are adorable. I love when babies get to the age that they start to interact. C. brought her grand baby over, and she has started to walk! Scary. She'll be into everything!!! We had EMT competition this weekend, and while we placed 3rd, I still feel like we could have done better, should have done better, and some of the stuff we missed, I'm directly responsible for. Still, it means opportunity for improvement, and we'll just get better!

After watching this video, and have a secret once-crush of a secret boy band, I'm sure you'll recognize this certain dance. Any takers? And, is there any question that Stacey was once a cheerleader? Ya gotta love her spunk!

Yesterday, while I was sitting on the porch, Britney was checking the yard. She must have found some wonderful treasure, 'cause she was sure going for it! Silly dog. She's not normally a digger, so it was fun to watch, even if she did end up with a dirty nose.

This week will be pretty quiet, until racing this weekend. I don't have any meetings (that I'm aware of!), which is a very pleasant change. What about you? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Your kids? What are they going as? And, did you recognize that dance above?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stacey strikes again . . .

I love Stacey. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The girl makes a day at work, an awesome adventure. Laurel had said she likes sour stuff, so Stacey gave it a whirl. I love that it's so easy to see her feelings about this particular flavor!

Cub Scouts tonight was a raging success. Boys love banging on stuff, and making a mess, so to make birdhouses and bird feeders (pine cones with peanut butter and bird seed) was an awesome time. And, the clean-up wasn't even awful. I mean, hello, bird seed? Whisked it out into the parking lot and rocked on with it. Even had one extra that I could share as a "thank you" to my puppy's letter-outer. I tell you, I have the most amazing friends, that are such a blessing to me . . . I don't know what I would do without them.

Tomorrow night will be a "clean the house" night, and then company will be here! I can't wait. It'll be great to visit and catch up. I've already been told they're not going to run the Drag Strip Friday night, so I've already got that off. Yay . . . and stuff. I also got to talk to Mom for a while today, and even Dad tonight. Usually Dad is so busy doing vehicle coordinator stuff that I don't get to talk to him nearly as often. It was good for my emotional well being to get to visit as long as I did tonight.

I've been going through some photo albums lately, so hopefully I'll get brave enough to share some of them. I've discovered that many people have had the same experiences, and it's nice to know I'm not alone in some of them.

However, this is one I can say, hasn't happened yet. And, names will be excluded to protect the guilty. Yes, I heard it first hand. No, it wasn't me. Girl walks out of an office, outside, and straight into a spider web. Gross, yes, but the best is yet to come. Mr. Spider, drops off the web, onto her chest, bites her, and the skedaddles down into her cleavage! She said she had that bra flipped out, shaking the spider out, and didn't care WHO was looking!!! Can ya really blame her???

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What was I thinking?!?!?

Ok, Bobby, I finally get it. Bobby is a friend of mine from NC, and he teases me relentlessly about the "treasures" I used to find when we worked together at Hardee's. I mean, working Drive Thru on a weekend night, usually meant that at some point, cute single guys came through there. And no, there weren't any beer goggles, just really, really bad judgement that I'll blame on boredom. Even now, he loves to remind me about this one . . . .

This guy here. Yeah. I can't even remember his real name, but I'm pretty sure I only went out with him to see what M&D would say. Everyone called him Tax. To their credit, and my disappointment, they didn't even react! I think we went out twice. I'm remembering an evening somewhere, so that would probably have been either a movie or the Corner Pocket (more likely!), a local pool place. Anyway, I met him on a Saturday morning. He'd come through every week, and get a Gravy biscuit, side of sausage, large Mountain Dew, plastic cup, EVERY week. Eventually, he asked me out. I remember we went to Lake Lure for the day. I loved his car - T-Top Camaro. We blasted RATT, and I loved it. Got down to the lake, and while it was COLD out, Taz decided to go for a dip in the lake, and tried to carry me in with him. Welllll, that didn't go so well, and he dropped me, on my head. Yes, that does explain some things! So, now, cold, wet, and with a nice cut on my forehead, we have to drive the hour back to my house. Guess who didn't go out with HIM again?? So what about you? Any one you wish you could say you'd had better judgement? Come on . . . I showed you mine!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Skills Drill

I passed! Ugh, that's just always stressful. I get to be an EMT-E for the next few months, at least! Now I don't have to worry about it again until February. I just hate those multiple choice questions. I get to second and triple guessing myself, when my first answer was right all along. It's been too long since I was out of school. I did come home and celebrate with a fat rib-eye though. I bought them for company, and I need to eat them before they go bad. Darn . . . I'll have to get more before this weekend! I used my peri-peri seasoning that I've been hording from Africa, and it was delicious. I also have some Chimichurri seasoning from Argentina that I'm just as stingy with. Sometimes I wish this area had a world foods store where I could get these delicious treasures! There's not a Williams-Sonoma to be found, either.

Britney dog did a great job of waking me up dead-on at 6:03 this am. Problem was, it's my late week, so I didn't have to get up til 7:30, and she does not have a snooze function! At least I was able to get my clothes folded and my dishes put away. I'm working really hard at keeping my house as clean as possible this week since I was off on my dates. Tonight is our Squad meeting, and the EMT Competition team is going to have the members come up with a scenario for us to run through.

I've got a good "boy" story from my past that I'm going to share, but I forgot to scan the photo of this treasure I once went out with . . . stay tuned, maybe I can get it done tonight!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Closer and closer

To next weekend I come! I'm looking forward to getting away and seeing something new and different. (Did I mention the mall in Concord? Yeah baby!) This weekend was good, as usual. We rained out of the Drag Strip Friday night, so I found myself in the unusual position of a clean house, no laundry, too wet to walk the dog, and no where to go! I plopped down on the couch and had a marathon TV session. It was awesome! Saturday I got up and made cinnamon twists for me and Britney, then headed up to the track. The other girl was there to do the computer, so they just wanted to announce. It was fun, because for once I wasn't so focused on getting dials/etc. right, I was focused on the race and who the drivers were. I really had a good time! I had forgotten how much fun those guys are. I think I said that before, but I was reminded of it this weekend. It's nice to be back!

I also helped the NBS Auxiliary with a trash pick up. Lots of beer cans, but otherwise, the road wasn't all that bad. We had food before hand, and since I had REALLY been craving fried chicken, it really hit the spot. I tried to talk B. into coming and bringing the kids but he said he was more interested in having a "lazy" day. I think he has figured out the trick to getting me to come out there and visit though . . . it's called a wood stove and HEAT! I absolutely hate being cold, but I hate more seeing my electric bill go sky high! All in all, a great weekend.

Tonight I have Skills Drill for the rescue squad. I'm really wondering why I'm keeping my ALS certification. I haven't cracked a box in ages, since the worst calls I seem to get are "I stubbed my toe, take me to the ER". It's such a pain in the neck, esp. for something that I can't keep my skills up on. And really, they keep taking drugs and skills FROM the Enhanced, so I'm barely above an EMT-B now. Who knows. IV's are great and all, but if I don't get regular practice, then when it really counts, I'm afraid I'm not going to get the stick. Still, I worked really hard to get that certification, I hate to just let it walk . . .

Tomorrow night is our squad meeting (and Andi's Birthday!), and then Wed. night I have Scouts. Thursday is cleaning, and then Friday, company! I'm so excited! If I get to feeling really froggy one day this week, there might be some homemade cinnamon rolls, but shhhh, don't tell Stacey, ok?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't I feel Stupid . . .

So, company told me that they were coming the weekend "somewhere around the 20th". Wouldn't that be THIS weekend? Turns out, they're coming NEXT weekend, which means I either have to 1, keep my house this spotless for a week, or 2, do another cleaning spree!!! Grrr. But the drag strip rained out tonight, so I have a whole night to myself . . . I only have 83 hours of recorded TV to catch up on . . . wonder what I'll do???

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday . . .

There are some days I wish my dog was an outside animal! Usually when the alarm goes off, she'll roll over and snooze til I actually get up. Today it was a "whine under my breath til mama gets mad and gets up". Of course, the second my feet hit that deck, I was wide awake. I have GOT to remember slippers!

On the other hand, this way I get to have time to burn a CD to listen to at work (yay!). I got the new Kenny Chesney album last night, as well as Lady Antebellum's. Good stuff on both! The KC is very laid back/island-y feel. Not typical rockin' country, but not all slow ballads, either. If you're a KC fan, you'll love it. Very, very Jimmy Buffet-esque, but that's not a bad thing. The man is just yummy. Lady Antebellum as been described as Sugarland meets Little Big Town, and that's not far off. Very good schtuff . . .

We had cub scouts last night, and they wear me out!! We had them paint pumpkins, make dream catchers, and make rain sticks. The rain sticks, great idea, bad practice! The kids had to shove toothpicks into cardboard tubes, then we (I) clipped the ends, and put duct tape then masking tape on them for them to decorate. Talk about making a mess! And, while we technically have 14 scouts, last night we had 17 kids there. How's that, you say? Well, it turns out our place is the fun to place, and now we have additional girls showing up! It's hard to tell them no, but 17 kids with 2 adults? Not such a great idea! They keep saying they are going to get us more help, but . . . they haven't called anybody yet.

Company is coming this weekend, and I have scrubbed my house. It's even stayed pretty clean, thanks to the fact that I haven't really been home to make it a mess! I'm looking forward to the end of the month and having some down time.
Let's get political for a minute. Did you watch the debate last night? I didn't, since I was at Church, but I've read some of the synopsis and commentary from it. Am I the only one that doesn't want to vote for either one? I'll get to leaning one way, and then learn something that's a total turn off. I think that Obama is too smooth, and too quick to make promises, and that McCain is too stuck in his ways to make the changes and be the difference that we need. Obama's health care plan and financial "fix" scares me to death. I've always been pretty conservative, but vote for the person I like the best, not just party lines. I just don't know. I do, however, believe that it's not just a right, but a necessity for citizens to vote . . . but what happens when you don't want to vote for either party?!?!?!?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Poor knees . . .

And, another weekend gone. It was pretty ordinary, but I fall-cleaned my house. Friday and Saturday were spent at the Drag Strip. I forgot how much fun it is to watch those guys race! Friday night, eh, no biggie. It's just street cars playing. But Saturday? Whole different ball game! Good times. I was actually in the tower by myself, which I prefer since it makes it easier to concentrate and get it right. Like I said, I also cleaned. And cleaned. And did I mention, cleaned? Did the whole house, baseboards, ceiling fans, the whole she-bang. And, did you know that cleaning tile with a bucket and a rag will REALLY take its toll on your knees? Painful! Oh, and I did finally get my smoke detector up and working. It's about time! Yesterday I went to help K. See, my house = Boring. Her project, fun! I love helping other people, plus just the company was good enough!

This week for cub scouts we are going to paint pumpkins and make rain sticks. I think the boys will have a good time, and hopefully we'll be able to keep them entertained until 8:30. Heather is awesome. I was worried that I'd be working with someone who was really particular about details, etc., but she's so much fun. And, she likes to read like I do! Always fun to find someone with similar interests.
D. is coming into town this weekend. I'm excited to see him . . . it's been over a year! Hard to believe . . . .

Going to the town council meeting tonight. I've only been one other time (over the cat issue), and I don't usually get involved in the daily what's it's, but this one, I'm going to have to go to. I know that everyone I've talked to in town is fired up mad, so I might as well go and see what all the fuss is about! The joys of a small town. A little bit of drama gets blown WAY out of the water!

Did you do anything adventurous this weekend? 3 more weeks til Charlotte and the World of Outlaws . . . if nothing else, a great time with fantastic friends!

Friday, October 10, 2008

And, another Friday down . . .

Ah, Friday. The END of the week. Except, for me, now it's time to head to the other job. Racing, baby, and this time, the straight kind. When I first started working at the Drag Strip, I didn't know anything about that kind of racing, and honestly, didn't care. However, the longer I worked there, and got to know the cars and drivers, the more I enjoyed it. I've been working at the dirt track all summer, and I've missed the excitement of the really good racing, when it's won and lost by thousandths of a second. It's not who has the fastest car, it's about knowing what your car can do. There is heads up racing, but I like the dialed in kind better. Dialed in means that a driver says, "I'll go that distance in 6.88 seconds" and the driver that is the closest without going under wins. So, if you do it in 6.87 seconds, you lose. Good stuff.

One of the privileges of working in the financial world means that I'm off on Monday! I'm going to go help K. with a project, and probably do some cleaning of my house as well. It's in need of a good scrubbing. It's hard to believe that it can get as dusty and dirty as it does with just a girl and her dog living there! But, dirty it is, so I'll spend a night on each room and have it done by next weekend. It's also a great time to get rid of "stuff" that I don't really need!

I stopped by a local produce stand on my way in to work today. I needed one onion, and I was NOT going to go to the big box store for that. While in there, they had biscuits, homemade kind. I picked one up, and the guy asked if I wanted it heated up. Warm country ham biscuits? Yeah baby! Then he said, "I'll even throw some tomato on it for ya, no charge." Er, um, no thanks, you can keep the mater (gross!), but still, how's that for old fashioned customer service? I love when people are nice like that, taking care of the customer. I'm always amazed when it happens, and love to tell people about it. Being nice is NOT hard, and doesn't take anything out of you. Have you had a spectacular experience? I'd love to hear about it. We ought to give credit where it's due!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So glad . . .

To be home! Today was a VERY long day, but it was a very good one, too! When I first got to work, I felt awful. Like, crawl under the desk, wait for world to end, awful. It got a little better, then better than that, and I took in new money, which is a great way to make the boss happy, and then I got a new flat panel monitor! See, the doc thinks that part of my daily headaches might be the type of monitor that I had, so I said something and they got me an new one! I'm so excited. See, it really doesn't take much at all.

So, let me end with a short but funny on myself. I bought new drawers, 'cause, well, 'nuff said. Anyway, got 'em out of the package, put 'em in the drawer, went on my merry way. Couple of days later, I'm getting ready for a shower before bed, and . . . what the . . . ? Right there on my derriere it said, "Inspected and approved by #12". Well, thank YOU #12! I needed that vote of approval . . . .

Bedtime. Zzzzzzzz.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Report

Wowza. What a weekend! Thursday I had taken off early to help K. with some various tasks, but she had them all done, so I got to be l a z y. And lazy I was. I walked the dog, came home, and snoozed. Friday I headed up to the track, and got things underway. I was not at ALL prepared for how cold it got! Talk about shivering, I couldn't feel my hands, feet, or nose! I came home and roasted myself warm in a hot shower. We had visited with one of the drivers until the wee hours of the morning, and Saturday sunshine came way too early!

Saturday I got up to the track about 11:30 to help get things "reset" and ready to go again. After running various errands, I ended up selling t-shirts and watching the race. The squad had their concession stand set up and let me tell ya . . . those fresh cut french fries were da bomb! Slurp. Yummm . . . After the race ended, (Go, Booper Bare!) I think everyone was somewhere between worn out and stupidly tired. We had some fun on 4 wheelers, and then everyone ended up at one of the drivers "camp" site. I now know something. I am so, absolutely, totally, NOT 21 anymore! I cannot party like a racer. I like to sleep. The next morning I helped some with clean up, but then crashed.

So, the dirt season ends. I think I ate enough red clay this weekend to tide me over. Now, if we can just finish up the drag strip . . . I can have a couple of weekends to myself again!

Last night I was enjoying my nightly walk with Britney when this guy came up to me, "Are you still with the ambulance?" Uh, well, er, um, yeah, but not exactly, not right at this moment." "Something's wrong with my uncle, can you come look?" Errrrr, ok. See, I can't really refuse to help, but dude, so not prepared for this! No watch, no radio, no gloves, nada. Zip, zilch, nothing. Tied Britney to the railing, and went on in. Waited for the unit to get there, and then proceeded with my walk. I don't mind helping, but hello! What the heck am I supposed to do for someone with a 70 lb puppy playing around? I can't exactly take her in to an apartment complex with me.

What about you? Anything fun to report? What kind of Halloween plans do you have? Costumes for your kids? I'm thinking Britney will make a GREAT reverse Dalmatian!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Racing, racing, and more racing!

Whoo hoo! Got to sleep in this morning, gotta fold some clothes, walk the puppy, then I am OFF to Natural Bridge Speedway to watch racin'! This is THE show of the season people. I'm so excited! I've already been warned that we'll be out there til the wee hours of the morning, just to come back and do it again tomorrow. It got COLD here last night. I have 2 blankets on my bed, and I'm thinking about breaking out the electric blanket. Not so big on cold!

Anyway, that's where I'll be for a couple of days. Hopefully I can get some good video so you can SEE why I get so excited about this stuff. Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

Oh, and just so you can have some more laughs this morning . . . this is my dress from Junior prom. I had met this guy while I was on vacation who lived in SC. He was yummy. Anyway, he called and asked me to go to his prom with him. SURE! Got there, and he was not the same guy that I had met on vacation. Anyway, it was not an overly exciting night, and we didn't even get pictures. So, Mom took me to get them done, so I'd have something. I was really loving this hairstyle, and that necklace!! Still, I did love the dress. Mom made that one, as well as my red dress. Isn't she good???

I'd love to see your old prom pictures . . . link back and tell me where to find you!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

TGIF . . . Really!

Well, yeah! Because of the big race this weekend (Wait, you didn't hear about it? Racing, Friday and Saturday, Natural Bridge Speedway, come play!) I'm taking a 1/2 day off today, and off tomorrow, so today is my Friday! I'm so glad. I didn't realize how much that whole Wed. night scouts thing wears me out. I'm always amazed to discover that I'm not 21 anymore, and you know what? Thank goodness! I mean, if I could go back knowing what I do now, I might. But, if I had to just start over? No thank you. I used to think I'd be that girl that grew up, went to school, got married, had kids, and that was it. Since I didn't, I became an EMT, live in a beautiful area, have traveled to Argentina and Africa, and have a fantastic career that I love. Has it been worth it? Absolutely.

I remember that I hated school. I had my friends, sure, but I wasn't part of the "it" crowd, and I wanted so badly to be. I wasn't one of the "out" crowd, I was just somewhere in the middle. Looking back, that was so simple! Go to school, work, hang out with friends, etc. on the weekends, and do it all over again. Now, there's work, bills, volunteering, responsibility, and still trying to make sure I have time to do what I want to. Wait . . . I would like to have my 18 y/o body back!!! Can I just take that part? (grin) There's a couple of people that I still talk to from NC, and I do tell people that's where I'm from, but Virginia is certainly home now. My work friends are a second family to me, and I wouldn't trade a single one of them for anything. Even the boss . . . shhh, don't tell him, k?

What was one of your most memorable moments from High School? Who was your best friend? I'd have to say that Sammie, Kathi, and Mendi were my best friends. All of us went to church together, so we had early morning Seminary together. Memorable moments? The one that comes to mind right now is Senior Prom. The guy I was supposedly going with, broke up with me the week before! So, a friend of mine, Shannon, said she'd have her younger brother come up and take me. Great. Don't I feel like a loser!! Then, he showed up, and he was HOT! Oh my my. That boy looked GOOD in a tux!! The only down side? He forgot his ID, so we couldn't get in the door!! No worries . . . we went out on the town, and everywhere we went, people let us in for free! We played Putt-putt, wandered around, and just generally, had a fantastic time. Came back to my place and made french toast. It was a great night! Now . . . your turn!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Stud #1 GAD

So, I have this friend. He is totally awesome. And, he's growing out of that cute, gangly puppy stage and I have to call him Super Stud now. Anyway. He's an AMAZING person. 17, got his head on straight, a hobby that he loves, does decent in school, has a job, saves his money, is friendly and gets along well with everyone. I mean, everyone that I've ever talked to just thinks that he's the greatest. Can't say as I blame him, and he has GREAT taste when it comes to choosing a personal banker. Just sayin', is all.

Anyway, why am I writing this? Well, it seems that the idiotic teenage girls around here are completely blind. I mean, he wants to be friends with lots of people, and yeah, find a great girl, but the girls around here just seem to want boyfriends, not boy friends. So shallow. Only into what the boy can do for them, either status wise, or money wise. This guy has not caused his parents the first second of worry, is responsible, and takes care of his own. He's helpful, got a great sense of humor, and is very sociable. What the heck? What is wrong with these girls? Do they not get that these guys are NOT a dime a dozen, and a good portion of them will spend the rest of their lives trying to find a decent guy? In looking back, I wonder how many of these "SS#1's" I might have completely overlooked in school. Believe me, I'm regretting it now!

So, blogger friends, have I got a steal for you. Tall, Dark, good looking guy, hard worker, honest, friendly, great sense of humor, is looking for a girl. Not extremely picky, but she's got to have some basic smarts, and has GOT, got, GOT to love dirt racing. Not just occasionally, but every weekend, all summer long. Come on, is that REALLY that big a deal?!?!? Is there a guy in your past that you wish you have given a chance to? Tell me about it . . . and I'll tell you about mine!