Friday, October 3, 2008

Racing, racing, and more racing!

Whoo hoo! Got to sleep in this morning, gotta fold some clothes, walk the puppy, then I am OFF to Natural Bridge Speedway to watch racin'! This is THE show of the season people. I'm so excited! I've already been warned that we'll be out there til the wee hours of the morning, just to come back and do it again tomorrow. It got COLD here last night. I have 2 blankets on my bed, and I'm thinking about breaking out the electric blanket. Not so big on cold!

Anyway, that's where I'll be for a couple of days. Hopefully I can get some good video so you can SEE why I get so excited about this stuff. Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

Oh, and just so you can have some more laughs this morning . . . this is my dress from Junior prom. I had met this guy while I was on vacation who lived in SC. He was yummy. Anyway, he called and asked me to go to his prom with him. SURE! Got there, and he was not the same guy that I had met on vacation. Anyway, it was not an overly exciting night, and we didn't even get pictures. So, Mom took me to get them done, so I'd have something. I was really loving this hairstyle, and that necklace!! Still, I did love the dress. Mom made that one, as well as my red dress. Isn't she good???

I'd love to see your old prom pictures . . . link back and tell me where to find you!