Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday . . .

There are some days I wish my dog was an outside animal! Usually when the alarm goes off, she'll roll over and snooze til I actually get up. Today it was a "whine under my breath til mama gets mad and gets up". Of course, the second my feet hit that deck, I was wide awake. I have GOT to remember slippers!

On the other hand, this way I get to have time to burn a CD to listen to at work (yay!). I got the new Kenny Chesney album last night, as well as Lady Antebellum's. Good stuff on both! The KC is very laid back/island-y feel. Not typical rockin' country, but not all slow ballads, either. If you're a KC fan, you'll love it. Very, very Jimmy Buffet-esque, but that's not a bad thing. The man is just yummy. Lady Antebellum as been described as Sugarland meets Little Big Town, and that's not far off. Very good schtuff . . .

We had cub scouts last night, and they wear me out!! We had them paint pumpkins, make dream catchers, and make rain sticks. The rain sticks, great idea, bad practice! The kids had to shove toothpicks into cardboard tubes, then we (I) clipped the ends, and put duct tape then masking tape on them for them to decorate. Talk about making a mess! And, while we technically have 14 scouts, last night we had 17 kids there. How's that, you say? Well, it turns out our place is the fun to place, and now we have additional girls showing up! It's hard to tell them no, but 17 kids with 2 adults? Not such a great idea! They keep saying they are going to get us more help, but . . . they haven't called anybody yet.

Company is coming this weekend, and I have scrubbed my house. It's even stayed pretty clean, thanks to the fact that I haven't really been home to make it a mess! I'm looking forward to the end of the month and having some down time.
Let's get political for a minute. Did you watch the debate last night? I didn't, since I was at Church, but I've read some of the synopsis and commentary from it. Am I the only one that doesn't want to vote for either one? I'll get to leaning one way, and then learn something that's a total turn off. I think that Obama is too smooth, and too quick to make promises, and that McCain is too stuck in his ways to make the changes and be the difference that we need. Obama's health care plan and financial "fix" scares me to death. I've always been pretty conservative, but vote for the person I like the best, not just party lines. I just don't know. I do, however, believe that it's not just a right, but a necessity for citizens to vote . . . but what happens when you don't want to vote for either party?!?!?!?