Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Report

Wowza. What a weekend! Thursday I had taken off early to help K. with some various tasks, but she had them all done, so I got to be l a z y. And lazy I was. I walked the dog, came home, and snoozed. Friday I headed up to the track, and got things underway. I was not at ALL prepared for how cold it got! Talk about shivering, I couldn't feel my hands, feet, or nose! I came home and roasted myself warm in a hot shower. We had visited with one of the drivers until the wee hours of the morning, and Saturday sunshine came way too early!

Saturday I got up to the track about 11:30 to help get things "reset" and ready to go again. After running various errands, I ended up selling t-shirts and watching the race. The squad had their concession stand set up and let me tell ya . . . those fresh cut french fries were da bomb! Slurp. Yummm . . . After the race ended, (Go, Booper Bare!) I think everyone was somewhere between worn out and stupidly tired. We had some fun on 4 wheelers, and then everyone ended up at one of the drivers "camp" site. I now know something. I am so, absolutely, totally, NOT 21 anymore! I cannot party like a racer. I like to sleep. The next morning I helped some with clean up, but then crashed.

So, the dirt season ends. I think I ate enough red clay this weekend to tide me over. Now, if we can just finish up the drag strip . . . I can have a couple of weekends to myself again!

Last night I was enjoying my nightly walk with Britney when this guy came up to me, "Are you still with the ambulance?" Uh, well, er, um, yeah, but not exactly, not right at this moment." "Something's wrong with my uncle, can you come look?" Errrrr, ok. See, I can't really refuse to help, but dude, so not prepared for this! No watch, no radio, no gloves, nada. Zip, zilch, nothing. Tied Britney to the railing, and went on in. Waited for the unit to get there, and then proceeded with my walk. I don't mind helping, but hello! What the heck am I supposed to do for someone with a 70 lb puppy playing around? I can't exactly take her in to an apartment complex with me.

What about you? Anything fun to report? What kind of Halloween plans do you have? Costumes for your kids? I'm thinking Britney will make a GREAT reverse Dalmatian!!!