Sunday, June 26, 2011

Couple of words

I can't comment on Facebook on this one, because that's what my gripe is. And, yes, before you say anything, I realize that autocorrect is most likely the cause. But, still. Here's a couple of examples.

"I'm trying to sale my car, if anyone is interested"

"I've been called an angle, but I think I have them fooled"

Sell, people, sell. And, ANGEL. Amazing what a difference the location of letters can make.

On another note. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been spring cleaning my house. Floorboards, curtains washed (and starched), comforters cleaned. Once I got my house cleaned, I started in on cooking. Brownies, chicken salad, egg salad, homemade salsa. Then, when I ran out of things I wanted to cook, I started in on my flower beds. Re-mulched, new flowers put in, flowers actually put in to my pots, etc. Today I actually have clothes hanging out on the line. Nesting, I've been accused of. And, before anyone says it, no, I'm NOT pregnant. However, in the past month, I've had big change in my life. My manager left for a better position. One of my favorite co-workers is transferring to another branch. Heck, even my dentist is moving away. Lots of change. I feel like the only thing that I have any control over is my house, so it's going to be under control, dag-nab-it. It's not working. I have a friend who has suggested that now would be a fantastic time to re-evaluate my life as it is. Am I truly happy? I don't know that I have a solid answer for that.