Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fragments

Yah! Hooray! It's FRIDAY! I am running on some major doses of caffeine, and I am so glad to have a couple of days coming up when I can sleep in. They are way overdue, I tell ya.

And, being Friday, it's time for Friday Fragments. All the schtuff that doesn't warrant a post by themselves. So, on to it . . .

Last Saturday I ran a squad call first thing in the am. I can't/won't say a whole lot about it, other than it was an interesting problem with some things that I had never seen before. Fun isn't exactly the right word, but it was good to step outside my comfort zone and experience some new things. I get awfully tired of, "I stubbed my toe - take me to the ER!" The joys of volunteerism.

Sunday we had our EMT competition. We're such sick individuals, that even if someone ISN'T hurt, we'll get together and see who can "fix" a pretend patient the best. Our team took second, and 1st for the year. Yay, us! Now, we just have state competition in September. And, it's at the beach. It's rough, I tell you.

This might turn into it's own post, but this week Msh and I were talking about relationships, and the development/maintenance of them. I discovered a quote, which I loved. It's, "The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” Elisabeth Foley So true for us, and says it beautifully. She's the best thing I got out of my college education.

Speaking of Msh, Happy B-Day this week to the beautiful Savannah Marley - one year old, and walked the day before!

Yesterday was one of those where I was in a great mood, and everything went right. I commented that I hoped that something major bad wasn't coming, and Annette said that it was the Karma I was owed from all the car drama. Either way, days like that are very few, and I enjoyed every second.

Today, Laurel is bringing me sushi for lunch. It's already a good day, just because of that!!

Come play with us . . .

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop

Ah, Thursday. One more day, just one more, if I can make it. And, I have a meeting tonight. Grr, because what I really want to do, is play my new 'puter game, WoW! My "friend" helped me with some add-on's last night, and that made all the difference. Basically, now instead of running around lost, I have a little arrow in the corner that tells me where I need to be going. Me likey!

So, very quickly, let's get to Mama Kat's writing assignment, shall we?

1.) Who made you red hot this week?

Um, yeah. Red hot? How about medium hot? That would be a situation, not a person, and I'm pretty sure that writing about it on here would make it MUCH worse, so, let's leave it at that. It's over and done with, and I won't make that, er, error, again. Moving on.

2.) A day in your life...recap.

Yeah, this should show how ordinary my life is. Get up, let dog out. Check email/blog, shower, go to work. Walk dog, attend meeting, pick one of the following: watch TV, Read, play on the computer. Talk to my "friend" fall asleep. Do it again tomorrow. Pretty exciting, eh?

3.) What decision are you having a hard time making?

Where to be saving some money. I know I can, it's just a matter of giving some things up. No fun. :-(

4.) How will you enjoy your last days of freedom (aka summer)?

I have another trip to the beach scheduled for convention with the Rescue Squad, and I hope to have another visit with above mentioned "Friend". I'd like for him to come here so this time he can meet more of my friends, but . . . his schedule is even crazier than mine!

5.)List your 7 most favorite summer items!

Flip flops. Corn on the Cob. Cut off shorts. Tank Tops. Bright pedicures. Popsicles. Ipod. Yeah, that about covers it.

What about you? Come play!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm home, meeting done, and am now in the process of downloading a computer game. Yeah, and it's taking forever! I can't wait to play!

My "whatever" friend sent it to me. It's one that we can play online together, and it's actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I'm continuously amazed at how easy it is to just be me around him. The last guy I dated that I was really into, I felt like I was continuously working to be "good enough", and that more often than not, I didn't measure up. I just couldn't say/do/be the right thing. It's so refreshing, to just be me, and to have that be ok.

While I was in NC visiting, I made the comment that this game looked complicated. I suppose it's like trying to step in to watch K's kids . . . she makes it look easy, but that's because she added them, one at a time. The game is going to be the same way. But, what he said gave me more food for thought. He stated, and I'm going to sum it up, rather than word for word, but "When you say things like that, it makes me mad. You're so smart, and can do so much more than what you allow yourself. You need to really start using your head." He's the first person, outside of Msh and family, that has expected more out of me than what I expect myself. It's . . .disconcerting, but do you know how much fun it is for it to be OK to have my own opinion and thoughts?

We're up to 32% downloaded . . . I guess I'll go work on paperwork. Not nearly as much fun . . .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Wake Up Calls

Want to see where my wake up call sent me this morning? Check this out . . .

Glasgow Volunteer Fire Department

On another note: I got my car back this morning!!! After getting a total of 3 ball joints put in, I took it again for another alignment. This time, I was told it needed control arms/bushings and a new lower A frame. Yeah, it's a foreign language to me, too. But, Daryl took it to a different place after he had checked it over good, and they aligned it, no problem. So, car is back, I am happy, and no more hoofing it to the building for calls. It's a GREAT Saturday morning!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have to admit. This week I've been feeling awfully sorry for myself. I didn't want to leave NC and my friend there. I was very soggy, which is pretty out of character for me. I got back to work on Wednesday, and wanted to be anywhere but there. I really had to work to get my little "checks" for the day.

I've been having car problems. This week, I dropped it off after having it fixed again to finally get aligned. Yesterday evening I go to pick it up - no car. Not a big deal, I figured they didn't get to it, but it left me scrambling for how to get to and from work. Today, I was feeling a bit better about being back in VA, and called to see if I could pick up my car. Well, now there are additional issues that they just didn't see before. Huh? Yeah, someone is jerking me around (my other mechanics words), and I took it back to him to work on it tomorrow.

As I was walking home from his shop with my puppy, I was thinking, "Ok, we're not given more than what we can handle, but you know what? I'm there. I can't take anything else. I need some help here."

Here's the good part. Not 10 minutes after having that thought, this woman pulled along side me, and asked if I had a minute. My first thought was, "If this is an irate client, I'm going to tell her she's going to have to wait for 9-5". She then proceeded to tell me she was my neighbor from up the road, and her granddaughter had made me a card and had been carrying it for the past week or so to give to me. The granddaughter then handed me the sweetest note that said, "For our neighbor" and it had a cute drawing inside. I then started realizing how sweet life really is. Yesterday, my next door neighbors gave me some produce from their garden. When I thanked them, mentioning that my groceries were in my car, and I wasn't sure where that was, that the fresh stuff would be perfect for dinner, when I came home from walking Britney, there was a bag of groceries on my front porch.

Let me be clear how grateful I am for some of the most recent things I've realized. I have fantastic, amazing co-workers who have hauled me to and from work more times than I can count. They love my dog, even more than they love me, and I'm amazed by that. I have a mechanic that I trust that is within walking distance of my house. My washing machine is broken, but it's summer, and I can use the clothes line, and the laundromat, again, within walking distance. People wave at me as I walk with my puppy. Pick-up softball games happen at the ball field in town. I have neighbors, people who are aware of me, and notice me, and are kind to me. I have the best friends a girl could possibly want. I have a guy who expects more out of me than anyone outside of family has ever expected. You know what???

Life is SO good. What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday after the Beach . . .

Goodbye's suck.

That is all.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Still at the beach . . . it's been a fantastic time. Quick recap:

Saw Harry Potter
Visited the Pier
Ate yummy Flaming Amy's
Played in the ocean
Ate yummy Tangerines
Had yummy Quesadilla's, or however you spell that!
Had yummy Low Country crab/shrimp stuff
Saw Transformer's
Ate yummy Sushi
Am in the process of making friends with the fabulous yet skittish Mr. Jim
Spent lots and lots of time with my fantastic friend. :-)

Iz has a happy. :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In my mind . . .

I've gone to Carolina. Bags are packed, puppy arrangements have been made, car is rented, and I'm sure there are about 20 other things I'm forgetting. I've been running on 3-5 hours a night for the past week, so I fully anticipate a caffeine/sugar infusion to get down the road. Then, it will be 4 blissful days of no phone, no ornery clients, no tones in the middle of the night, just waves, sand, and happiness!
What's on the agenda? Well, Harry Potter, of course! Also, sushi, crabbing, a motorcycle ride, an evening watching the sun go down, and a myriad of other things I can't think of.
I'm so ready to be gone - not just to get down there, but I need a break from life. I feel like I am very close to breaking down and losing the filters that keep me happy, friendly, cheerful Sheri. It's time for a re-boot.
Until I return . . .

With a holy host of others standing round me
Still I'm on the dark side of the moon
And it seems like it goes on like this forever
You must forgive me
If I'm up and gone to Carolina in my mind

In my mind I'm going to Carolina
Can't you see the sunshine
Can't you just feel the moonshine
Maybe just like a friend of mine
It hit me from behind
Yes I'm going to Carolina in my mind

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two Truths and A Lie

Mrs. 4444 has this posted right now, and I thought it looked like fun! She uses it as an ice breaker, and I'm going to have to suggest it the next time I'm stuck in a meeting where we use those. So, here goes!

1. I've ridden in a helicopter.
2. My best friend married my ex-boyfriend, and I was one of the bridesmaid's.
3. I'm adopted.
4. I have perfect vision.
5. It bothers me to open packages from the top. If at all possible, I'll open them from the bottom.

Ok, so which one is the lie? Here's a hint - 4 of them are truths! Let me know what you think!

PS - My BFF Michelle is having her first annual fund raiser for her non-profit, Unbridled Change today. She's being interviewed on live TV this morning, so keep your fingers crossed for her, ok? And, come visit us at and learn how she's changing lives!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

Good happy Friday to everyone! Right now I'm listening to one of my favorite Sugarland songs, "Come On Get Higher". Yes, I realize that the Matt Nathinson version is out there, but theirs is the first one, and I like it better. So there.

Since it is Friday, that means it's time for Friday Fragments - small posts that don't get their own, whole day. Gotta make it quick, because first of all,

Don't you hate it when you hit OFF instead of SNOOZE? Yeah, that throws things for a loop. Thankfully(?) I have a puppy who is a very early riser, and made sure that I got up, eventually. I hate to cut it close though!

This week, like the rest of the world, we were talking about Michael Jackson at work. Stacey was kind enough to demonstrate her MJ moves. She demonstrated all right, and I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. I love that girl! Her "Whoo!" move? I don't even have the words.

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had a remote control, and could "Pause", or do one of those quick rewinds for the last 30 seconds or so that was amazing? I dreamt that I had one of those, and it wasn't anything like "Click", it was FANTASTIC.

Last Saturday night I had to dig out blankets - it got down to FIFTY! July? In the South? Oh man, it felt SOOO good. My electric bill is loving this weather, too!

When I went to my meeting this month, I had the privilege of seeing a Kobota tractor parked at Burger King. Heck, I guess everyone wants to have it their way! As I was trying to sneak a pic with my cell phone, this very nicely dressed businessman came out, got in, and drove off! I loved it.

This week I was sworn in as Secretary for the squad. Again. I did it for 3 years once, and you'd think I would have learned my lesson. Still, I've discovered that I miss being around, and am starting to get back into it. Paperwork, you are my albatross!

I finally sold Daisy! My poor Honda that had more issues than I do. I had bought it for $700 6-7 years ago, and sold it for $450. I'll take it! It's just enough to pay for the repairs to the Buick that need to happen. I go back to this quote: If it has tires or testicles, it's going to give you trouble. Still, I'm grateful to know someone who does very reasonable work, honestly. You don't usually find those two things hand in hand!

And, on that note, I've GOT to get in the shower. I'm not going to play next week, as I'm going to be following the Zac Brown song. "I've got my toes in the water, tail in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold drink in my hand, Life is good today." BEACH, baby!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Writer's Workshop

Ah, Thursday. And, one week people, ONE WEEK until I leave for the beach! It's been a crazy week - car drama, good and bad, and I am SOOOO ready for sand time. Really. But, for now, it's time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, so let's get right to it . . .

The Prompts:

1.) Tell us about a "dirt cheap" you've taken this summer.(inspired by Anti-Supermom)

I don't know about "Dirt Cheap", but I did find it fun, while my friend was up in May, to be playing tourist. It's been YEARS since I was at the Bridge for anything other than a squad call, and to actually go up and visit Foamhenge, rather than just drive past? Heck, I never even left my own county! Sometimes, I forget that I live in a pretty amazing place. Did you know Stonewall Jackson - THE Stonewall Jackson was born and is buried here? Huh.

2.) When I grow up I want to be like...(inspired by Jenny Says What?)

Wait - you mean I can still decide? Well, I want to be like my Grancy. She's 90 something years old, going on 21. In fact, every year she either goes up or goes down - so this year if she's going up and she's 23, then she'll be 24. She never turns 30, just starts going the other way. And, on top of that, she's a volunteer police officer, volunteers at the hospital, volunteers at the animal shelter - and I wonder why it is I can't say no to things? She's on the go all the time. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

3.) Describe a difficult moment that you survived.(inspired by Sarah M.)

Difficult moment. Wow. Do I go with something serious, or something snarky? I think one of the hardest things I've had to do, would be to sit with a college kid whose brother had just been killed in a car accident. I sat there with him while he called his parents to give them the news. My brother was killed in a car accident, and while I was dealing with a rush of memories from that, I was trying to keep on a professional face and help this kid. Hard? Not even a close enough word.

4.) List 5 things you like to do while camping...or 5 places you'd like to go.(inspired by Kisatrtle)

Let's see. Where would I like to go. Beach, ocean, beach, Caribbean, ocean. Maybe I better go with what I like to do while camping. Roasting marshmallows/hot dogs, making omelet in a zip lock bag, staring at the fire, sleeping under the stars, and playing in whatever body of water I'm near. Yeah, that about covers it!

5.) What are you paranoid about?(inspired by Melissa)

Ya'll might laugh about this one, but I'm paranoid about leaving things "on". I won't leave the house with the dryer running, or the curling iron plugged in, or even the window A/C units running. Uh-uh. Gotta shut them off! I know it's crazy, because I leave the refrigerator/stove plugged in, but . . . it's just one of those things!

Come play with us . . . .

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where were you?

So, Mr. Jackson had the (almost) whole world watching today. I've read about the Internet nearly crashing over word of his death, but haven't heard statistics today. Not me, thanks to corporate people telling me that I had to be in a meeting this afternoon. Yay. And stuff.

But it got me to thinking. Some day, I'll say, "I was ____ when ____" and it got me to thinking about other BIG news moments, and where were you? I was alive when Elvis died, but I'm pretty sure I was more worried about a bottle or a diaper changed. I think the first big event I remember was when Challenger exploded. We weren't even watching it in Mr. Niven's 4th grade class, and the principal, Mr. Sorenson came knocking on each door, "Turn the TV on, the space shuttle just exploded." TV during school hours? I remember that!

Probably the next big event would be 9/11. I was working the 9-6 shift at Wal Mart, and the cute boy I'd been flirting with came in. "Did you hear a plane just crashed in NYC?" Like the rest of the world, we thought it was one of those freak things. Then, word started coming in of the second plane, and it because clear that life was about to quickly change. Wal-Mart started streaming the news on the TV's in the store, and most people were glued to that. Msh was living in DC at the time, and getting married in 4 days. I also called my parents, since they don't pay attention to news/websites, things of that nature.

Do you remember the first time you visited the Internet? I remember typing my papers on a typewriter! The first time I was on the Internet was in my Dad's office, and he was trying to convince me to try this strange new thing. The first time I used a chat room, I was 19 or 20, and at my friend Anthony's house. It was amazing. I think I was online til almost 4a! Email was this really strange creature my Junior and Senior years, and it wasn't a big enough deal to have it on the computers in the dorm rooms . . . I'd go to the computer lab for that!
Wow. Time sure changes! Now I have a cell phone, voice mail, 3-4 email addresses, Yahoo, MSN messenger, text messaging . . . I'm still wondering if communicating with someone is becoming a lost art. While going through some things, I found the last letter my brother wrote to me. He was in jail, and was writing me to ask me to not be angry with his fiance. I wonder if my feelings would be the same if I was re-reading a text message, or if I would have even saved it?
I'm kind of all over the place . . . lots to ponder on!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This has nothing to do with the 4th, but this has got to be one of the luckiest brides! One of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite scenes! Thanks to Eyegirl for showcasing it first!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Fragments

Good morning! And, Happy Friday! One day closer, is all I'm sayin'.

Friday means it's time for Friday Fragments . . . those little thoughts/mini-posts that don't hold up on their own. Since I have a lot to do today, let's get to it.

Saturday I again announced at the race track. I don't pretend I'm spectacular at it, but I enjoy it. And, I get to watch the whole race. The only problem is that I get caught up watching a battle between a couple of cars and forget that I really need to be watching the whole field! No wonder people like this race thing so much!

Also Saturday, I was supposed to help with a bucket drive for the FD, and then give blood. Well, since no one showed up for the bucket drive except for me and 3 other people, we called it off. I realized that some times, it's nice for something to fall apart. I suddenly had 2 hours free for ME!

My super friends who sent me flowers while I was at the beach brought back taffy . . . the REAL kind . . . from the beach. It was sooo fresh. I lurve my friends.

This week, I managed to catch up on all my DVR'd shows, and was stuck watching live TV. Do you have any idea how much commercials are boring?!?!? I purposely didn't watch any this week so I can have a cache to watch this weekend!

It's not secret that I have car issues. I've been driving an 88 Honda Accord that has . . . quirks. I was really excited to get my Buick back from my parents as Dad had told me, "It's in FANTASTIC shape." Yeah. Well, going to a call Sunday night for the squad, the ball joint broke! Here's the good part. The fantastic mechanic that came to look quoted me $150. It came in at $150 and change. That's my kind of an estimate. Still, I'm grateful that it broke 1) at about 10 mph, so I didn't further damage the car, and 2) it came to stop in an alley so I wasn't blocking anything vital. I'll be grateful for small favors . . .

I got so aggravated yesterday. It seemed that every call was, "Hi, are you open tomorrrow?" Hello people, it's the 3rd of July . . . NOT a federal holiday! Believe me, I wish we weren't, but since we are, I better go get put together.

Happy 4th of July, everyone! What kind of plans do you have? Me, I'll be racing, racing, and more racing!!!

Come play with us . . .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No good deed . . .

Again, I was wondering what I'd post for my Wordful Wednesday's. Trust my dog to help me out . . .

Tonight, I had just pulled out the bread I made last night, and had a slice. I was checking my email, when the tones went out for more manpower for a call. So, I took off. Now, here's where it gets important.

I made it as far as my car, sat in, didn't get the door closed, when the crew advised they were ok. I came back in the house to find my dog high-tailing it to the bedroom. Want to know what she had managed to snag? Yeah, my FRESH home made bread!!! Of course, by that time I didn't want it, but I do find it humorous that she would stop and pose for a picture! She sure wouldn't eat it though while I was looking at her. She knew she was in trouble!!! Part of the joys of having a house dog . . . eventually, you share everything!!!

Want to come play with us?