Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In my mind . . .

I've gone to Carolina. Bags are packed, puppy arrangements have been made, car is rented, and I'm sure there are about 20 other things I'm forgetting. I've been running on 3-5 hours a night for the past week, so I fully anticipate a caffeine/sugar infusion to get down the road. Then, it will be 4 blissful days of no phone, no ornery clients, no tones in the middle of the night, just waves, sand, and happiness!
What's on the agenda? Well, Harry Potter, of course! Also, sushi, crabbing, a motorcycle ride, an evening watching the sun go down, and a myriad of other things I can't think of.
I'm so ready to be gone - not just to get down there, but I need a break from life. I feel like I am very close to breaking down and losing the filters that keep me happy, friendly, cheerful Sheri. It's time for a re-boot.
Until I return . . .

With a holy host of others standing round me
Still I'm on the dark side of the moon
And it seems like it goes on like this forever
You must forgive me
If I'm up and gone to Carolina in my mind

In my mind I'm going to Carolina
Can't you see the sunshine
Can't you just feel the moonshine
Maybe just like a friend of mine
It hit me from behind
Yes I'm going to Carolina in my mind


Little Ms Blogger said...

Enjoy the trip and RECHARGE.

Sometimes, okay, most times escaping from your current landscape does wonders for your psyche.

Susan said...

have fun!!!!