Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have to admit. This week I've been feeling awfully sorry for myself. I didn't want to leave NC and my friend there. I was very soggy, which is pretty out of character for me. I got back to work on Wednesday, and wanted to be anywhere but there. I really had to work to get my little "checks" for the day.

I've been having car problems. This week, I dropped it off after having it fixed again to finally get aligned. Yesterday evening I go to pick it up - no car. Not a big deal, I figured they didn't get to it, but it left me scrambling for how to get to and from work. Today, I was feeling a bit better about being back in VA, and called to see if I could pick up my car. Well, now there are additional issues that they just didn't see before. Huh? Yeah, someone is jerking me around (my other mechanics words), and I took it back to him to work on it tomorrow.

As I was walking home from his shop with my puppy, I was thinking, "Ok, we're not given more than what we can handle, but you know what? I'm there. I can't take anything else. I need some help here."

Here's the good part. Not 10 minutes after having that thought, this woman pulled along side me, and asked if I had a minute. My first thought was, "If this is an irate client, I'm going to tell her she's going to have to wait for 9-5". She then proceeded to tell me she was my neighbor from up the road, and her granddaughter had made me a card and had been carrying it for the past week or so to give to me. The granddaughter then handed me the sweetest note that said, "For our neighbor" and it had a cute drawing inside. I then started realizing how sweet life really is. Yesterday, my next door neighbors gave me some produce from their garden. When I thanked them, mentioning that my groceries were in my car, and I wasn't sure where that was, that the fresh stuff would be perfect for dinner, when I came home from walking Britney, there was a bag of groceries on my front porch.

Let me be clear how grateful I am for some of the most recent things I've realized. I have fantastic, amazing co-workers who have hauled me to and from work more times than I can count. They love my dog, even more than they love me, and I'm amazed by that. I have a mechanic that I trust that is within walking distance of my house. My washing machine is broken, but it's summer, and I can use the clothes line, and the laundromat, again, within walking distance. People wave at me as I walk with my puppy. Pick-up softball games happen at the ball field in town. I have neighbors, people who are aware of me, and notice me, and are kind to me. I have the best friends a girl could possibly want. I have a guy who expects more out of me than anyone outside of family has ever expected. You know what???

Life is SO good. What are you grateful for?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it really helps to stop and notice all the small wonderful things in our lives. I hope your car is back up and running soon. Have a great weekend.

Kekibird said...

Love those little blessing and smiles. Happy Friday. I hope you have a great weekend!