Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bzz Bzz Bzz

The title of my blog is Life, Love, and other Drama. I chose that when I was dealing with some drama, but fortunately lately I haven't had a lot of that. Still, life goes on, as evidenced last night.

I was getting ready for bed (read: very scant clothing. Sorry, but it's important for the story) when I noticed some weird shavings/debris on the floor. I grabbed the vacuum, and figured I'd suck it all up quickly. Did I mention it was about 11:45p? Anyway, I got that up in about 10 seconds, and noticed more debris on the window sill. Weird. I have an A/C Unit there and figured there was some critter getting in and I'd spray it with bug spray. Then I noticed, at the top of my window, MORE debris. As I was running the vacuum over the spot, the wand went right through the now-paint-only wall, and BEES started pouring out of the wall. Like, black and yellow stingy creatures. Being the mature female I am, I high tailed it out of there, grabbing my dog and leaving the vacuum running. Deep breath, deep breath, call the landlord. Phone? Oh. Heh. Yeah. That's in the bedroom. So, I sucked in a deep breath, grabbed the broom and headed back in. My pretty iphone was covered in bees. Wasps. Hornets. Whatever. They were TICKED. I knocked it to the floor with the broom, brushed the critters off, and called my landlord. At midnight.

See, this is why I rent. Who else could I have called at midnight and let it be someone else's problem? I warned them that I was less than adequately dressed (a short bathrobe that was in the bathroom), and after making sure I was ok, they promised they'd be right over. And they were. Lord love them, they sucked up all the buzzing critters, and got the hole in the wall sealed up with cardboard and duct tape. And got me to more adequate clothing. So for now, my bedroom only has the occasional bzz'ing in it, and hopefully they'll get the nest removed this week. My dog and I survived with only a couple of minor stings. Considering the exposed skin, I'll take it.

Life. Enjoy it, right?

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Look! Another post! Already! I had forgotten how nice it is to just sit and type. Sometimes you get fluff. Sometimes not. I'm still not sure how this one is going to go.

I watched Big Brother tonight. Meh. Whatev. The show I've really enjoyed this past spring? Coming Home. Guaranteed tears every time, but so worth it. Lifetime, you now have me for 2 hours a week. I was telling my dad about it tonight, and about the woman in Texas who every day meets troops at the airport to welcome them home and thank them for their service. He told me about the Vietnam time, and soldiers being cursed, spit at, threatened, and belittled. I have talked to MANY people who have said that while they don't support the war, they do support our troops. I think that is so important. My friends son is in the Reserves, and he said that while he didn't like being over there, he and his companions wished that we could at least finish what we have started so that they don't ever have to go back.

I've been following the trending topic #40thingsaboutme. I started with my first one tonight - "I'm adopted, and I don't care about finding my 'real' mother. I've always felt like I'm right where I belong." That's usually the first question I'm asked, "Do you want to find your real mother?" Why? Is she lost? My real mother is the one that has dealt with me and my joys, heartaches, drama, and successes for the past 35 years. And, last I checked she's in California. I'm curious about my biological mother, simply for medical history reasons, but nothing more. I've been told as I get older I'll get curious but it simply hasn't happened yet. My adoption was never a secret. My grandmother has told me that once while in a sandbox, I asked another child, "Did your mother have you or did she get you?" It's just something I've grown up knowing. If you've stumbled across this somehow because of my tag, I'm happy to discuss my feelings and thoughts on the subject. Otherwise, it's time for a little WoW. 'Cause I'm something of a geek like that.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday and Hellgrammites

Welcome back to my spot. The thing tonight is I want to vent about certain issues, but given the fact that anyone could stumble on this or point certain other people to it, leads me to edit my thoughts. I'm leaning more and more towards an anonymous blog, but then, how could my friends see what I have to say?

Instead, let me share this little gem from a week or so ago. I was on a structure fire call, working rehab. Firefighters HATE rehab. They make up every excuse in the world to avoid having their vitals checked, but we're persistent, and had several guys hanging around cooling off. There had been several sightings of Hellgrammites. Oh, you haven't seen one? Let me enlighten you.

In finding that picture, I learned that the babies are Hellgrammites, and the adults are actually dobsonflies. Either way, they are a scary looking critter. And, that picture is NOT life size. When I stretched my thumb and pinky out, I couldn't cover the thing. That's well over 5". And those antler things? They pinch. Hard. And it hurts. Anyway, this critter was flitting around, and just as I pointed it out so people could watch for it, the stupid thing flies up and lands on, well, my girl chest-y parts. Deep breath, deep breath, don't freak out. I gritted my teeth and begged one of these big, tough firefighters to PLEASE get this thing off of me! Wanna guess how many immediately jumped up and volunteered? None. Not one. I had to beg and plead to get one of them to finally very carefully pinch its wings and get it off me.

Blood? Guts? Trauma? Not a problem. But the Hellgrammites could very well end up being the end of my volunteering days!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

Thank you Glenn, for the kick in the tail to get me to writing again. Such changes in my life, in the past month or so. One of my co-workers left in May to pursue a different career path within our company. Unfortunately, he was also our manager. Then, one of my other co-workers left to assist another branch that was lacking in experience. Yesterday, another of my co-workers left to fill a full time position. All good things for them, but scary things for me. Selfish, aren't I? I've been on a cleaning tangent lately, and now my house is mom-clean, my yard clean, and my freezer clean. On top of that, the dentist that I have been madly in love with (for professional reasons only, I assure you) is leaving for family reasons. I can't take anyone else leaving my life!!! So, yeah. There have been things to write about. But tonight, let's tackle one of Mama Kat's suggestions, since it directly correlates with the previous.

"How are you becoming your mother?"

Cindy would tell you rather quickly it's because I'll cry at the drop of the hat. That's my Mama. But, what's been more interesting, and what she would have NEVER guessed when I was 15, that I am becoming quite happy with things being clean, and organized. I like that everything has a happy place, and I like simple. Not a lot of clutter being out, or knick-knacks out everywhere. Who would have thunk it?

Regarding previous dentist. I had, prior to him, bad dental work. I had a root canal and a crown done with no post, so that crown is put into place every day with fix-o-dent. The same tooth, on the opposite side, the bad dentist did a partial root canal and then a filling. Needless to say, that didn't last long and the tooth broke at the gum line. For years I simply made a wax tooth every day out of orthodontic wax to cover the hole at the edge of my smile line. This new dentist moved into the area and assured me he could fix it. He worked with my insurance and my budget, and $3500 later, I had an implant completed. You shoulda seen the smile . . . for 4 weeks. Then, one day, that new tooth moved. Bad. Bad bad. So, into the dentists office I went, dental implant removed, and healing began. Did I mention this dentist warranties his work? Yesterday, his replacement started MY replacement. This time, it has been more painful, by about 10 x. This post has been brought to you courtesy of Percocet.

How's that for rambling?