Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday and Hellgrammites

Welcome back to my spot. The thing tonight is I want to vent about certain issues, but given the fact that anyone could stumble on this or point certain other people to it, leads me to edit my thoughts. I'm leaning more and more towards an anonymous blog, but then, how could my friends see what I have to say?

Instead, let me share this little gem from a week or so ago. I was on a structure fire call, working rehab. Firefighters HATE rehab. They make up every excuse in the world to avoid having their vitals checked, but we're persistent, and had several guys hanging around cooling off. There had been several sightings of Hellgrammites. Oh, you haven't seen one? Let me enlighten you.

In finding that picture, I learned that the babies are Hellgrammites, and the adults are actually dobsonflies. Either way, they are a scary looking critter. And, that picture is NOT life size. When I stretched my thumb and pinky out, I couldn't cover the thing. That's well over 5". And those antler things? They pinch. Hard. And it hurts. Anyway, this critter was flitting around, and just as I pointed it out so people could watch for it, the stupid thing flies up and lands on, well, my girl chest-y parts. Deep breath, deep breath, don't freak out. I gritted my teeth and begged one of these big, tough firefighters to PLEASE get this thing off of me! Wanna guess how many immediately jumped up and volunteered? None. Not one. I had to beg and plead to get one of them to finally very carefully pinch its wings and get it off me.

Blood? Guts? Trauma? Not a problem. But the Hellgrammites could very well end up being the end of my volunteering days!!!