Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm home, meeting done, and am now in the process of downloading a computer game. Yeah, and it's taking forever! I can't wait to play!

My "whatever" friend sent it to me. It's one that we can play online together, and it's actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I'm continuously amazed at how easy it is to just be me around him. The last guy I dated that I was really into, I felt like I was continuously working to be "good enough", and that more often than not, I didn't measure up. I just couldn't say/do/be the right thing. It's so refreshing, to just be me, and to have that be ok.

While I was in NC visiting, I made the comment that this game looked complicated. I suppose it's like trying to step in to watch K's kids . . . she makes it look easy, but that's because she added them, one at a time. The game is going to be the same way. But, what he said gave me more food for thought. He stated, and I'm going to sum it up, rather than word for word, but "When you say things like that, it makes me mad. You're so smart, and can do so much more than what you allow yourself. You need to really start using your head." He's the first person, outside of Msh and family, that has expected more out of me than what I expect myself. It's . . .disconcerting, but do you know how much fun it is for it to be OK to have my own opinion and thoughts?

We're up to 32% downloaded . . . I guess I'll go work on paperwork. Not nearly as much fun . . .


Susan said...

i got a new blog. email me and i will send you the deets.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Your 'whatever' friend sounds like a great person. He obviously respects you and thinks the world of you.

Btw, what game were you downloading?