Friday, October 10, 2008

And, another Friday down . . .

Ah, Friday. The END of the week. Except, for me, now it's time to head to the other job. Racing, baby, and this time, the straight kind. When I first started working at the Drag Strip, I didn't know anything about that kind of racing, and honestly, didn't care. However, the longer I worked there, and got to know the cars and drivers, the more I enjoyed it. I've been working at the dirt track all summer, and I've missed the excitement of the really good racing, when it's won and lost by thousandths of a second. It's not who has the fastest car, it's about knowing what your car can do. There is heads up racing, but I like the dialed in kind better. Dialed in means that a driver says, "I'll go that distance in 6.88 seconds" and the driver that is the closest without going under wins. So, if you do it in 6.87 seconds, you lose. Good stuff.

One of the privileges of working in the financial world means that I'm off on Monday! I'm going to go help K. with a project, and probably do some cleaning of my house as well. It's in need of a good scrubbing. It's hard to believe that it can get as dusty and dirty as it does with just a girl and her dog living there! But, dirty it is, so I'll spend a night on each room and have it done by next weekend. It's also a great time to get rid of "stuff" that I don't really need!

I stopped by a local produce stand on my way in to work today. I needed one onion, and I was NOT going to go to the big box store for that. While in there, they had biscuits, homemade kind. I picked one up, and the guy asked if I wanted it heated up. Warm country ham biscuits? Yeah baby! Then he said, "I'll even throw some tomato on it for ya, no charge." Er, um, no thanks, you can keep the mater (gross!), but still, how's that for old fashioned customer service? I love when people are nice like that, taking care of the customer. I'm always amazed when it happens, and love to tell people about it. Being nice is NOT hard, and doesn't take anything out of you. Have you had a spectacular experience? I'd love to hear about it. We ought to give credit where it's due!


Lorie said...

Warm biscuits! Yum! And that is some great customer service...even if the tomato was weird!