Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What was I thinking?!?!?

Ok, Bobby, I finally get it. Bobby is a friend of mine from NC, and he teases me relentlessly about the "treasures" I used to find when we worked together at Hardee's. I mean, working Drive Thru on a weekend night, usually meant that at some point, cute single guys came through there. And no, there weren't any beer goggles, just really, really bad judgement that I'll blame on boredom. Even now, he loves to remind me about this one . . . .

This guy here. Yeah. I can't even remember his real name, but I'm pretty sure I only went out with him to see what M&D would say. Everyone called him Tax. To their credit, and my disappointment, they didn't even react! I think we went out twice. I'm remembering an evening somewhere, so that would probably have been either a movie or the Corner Pocket (more likely!), a local pool place. Anyway, I met him on a Saturday morning. He'd come through every week, and get a Gravy biscuit, side of sausage, large Mountain Dew, plastic cup, EVERY week. Eventually, he asked me out. I remember we went to Lake Lure for the day. I loved his car - T-Top Camaro. We blasted RATT, and I loved it. Got down to the lake, and while it was COLD out, Taz decided to go for a dip in the lake, and tried to carry me in with him. Welllll, that didn't go so well, and he dropped me, on my head. Yes, that does explain some things! So, now, cold, wet, and with a nice cut on my forehead, we have to drive the hour back to my house. Guess who didn't go out with HIM again?? So what about you? Any one you wish you could say you'd had better judgement? Come on . . . I showed you mine!


Rick said...

So, you went head over heels with this guy? Love the mullet. What did your parents say when you came home from the date with a gash in your head?

Merrie said...

I've got a few, but my favorite is the guy who I dated for about 3 weeks. We went to the movies, and when he bought the tickets, I said, "Thanks -- I'll buy the popcorn!" This is back before I debit payments, and I didn't have a credit card or a lot of cash, so I was a little dumbfounded when he ordered a large popcorn, a large drink, and then looked at me and said, "What are you getting?" Well, nothing. I'm now broke. He actually sat there and ate it all without offering me any, and that was the beginning of the end. lol