Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Skills Drill

I passed! Ugh, that's just always stressful. I get to be an EMT-E for the next few months, at least! Now I don't have to worry about it again until February. I just hate those multiple choice questions. I get to second and triple guessing myself, when my first answer was right all along. It's been too long since I was out of school. I did come home and celebrate with a fat rib-eye though. I bought them for company, and I need to eat them before they go bad. Darn . . . I'll have to get more before this weekend! I used my peri-peri seasoning that I've been hording from Africa, and it was delicious. I also have some Chimichurri seasoning from Argentina that I'm just as stingy with. Sometimes I wish this area had a world foods store where I could get these delicious treasures! There's not a Williams-Sonoma to be found, either.

Britney dog did a great job of waking me up dead-on at 6:03 this am. Problem was, it's my late week, so I didn't have to get up til 7:30, and she does not have a snooze function! At least I was able to get my clothes folded and my dishes put away. I'm working really hard at keeping my house as clean as possible this week since I was off on my dates. Tonight is our Squad meeting, and the EMT Competition team is going to have the members come up with a scenario for us to run through.

I've got a good "boy" story from my past that I'm going to share, but I forgot to scan the photo of this treasure I once went out with . . . stay tuned, maybe I can get it done tonight!