Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Poor knees . . .

And, another weekend gone. It was pretty ordinary, but I fall-cleaned my house. Friday and Saturday were spent at the Drag Strip. I forgot how much fun it is to watch those guys race! Friday night, eh, no biggie. It's just street cars playing. But Saturday? Whole different ball game! Good times. I was actually in the tower by myself, which I prefer since it makes it easier to concentrate and get it right. Like I said, I also cleaned. And cleaned. And did I mention, cleaned? Did the whole house, baseboards, ceiling fans, the whole she-bang. And, did you know that cleaning tile with a bucket and a rag will REALLY take its toll on your knees? Painful! Oh, and I did finally get my smoke detector up and working. It's about time! Yesterday I went to help K. See, my house = Boring. Her project, fun! I love helping other people, plus just the company was good enough!

This week for cub scouts we are going to paint pumpkins and make rain sticks. I think the boys will have a good time, and hopefully we'll be able to keep them entertained until 8:30. Heather is awesome. I was worried that I'd be working with someone who was really particular about details, etc., but she's so much fun. And, she likes to read like I do! Always fun to find someone with similar interests.
D. is coming into town this weekend. I'm excited to see him . . . it's been over a year! Hard to believe . . . .

Going to the town council meeting tonight. I've only been one other time (over the cat issue), and I don't usually get involved in the daily what's it's, but this one, I'm going to have to go to. I know that everyone I've talked to in town is fired up mad, so I might as well go and see what all the fuss is about! The joys of a small town. A little bit of drama gets blown WAY out of the water!

Did you do anything adventurous this weekend? 3 more weeks til Charlotte and the World of Outlaws . . . if nothing else, a great time with fantastic friends!