Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Have y'all seen this article? Let me back up. I work in the financial industry. Here's the dirty laundry you're not hearing. Not all the institutions that received bailout money wanted, or needed it. But, the government didn't want people to know which ones were hurting, so they grouped a bunch up and said, "Here's how much you're taking. Not an option." As soon as we could pay ours back, we did. With interest. And fees. And all the extra's. Now, it appears that AIG, GM, and others may not be able to pay there's back. So, Mr. Obama, your solution to recoup the costs are to levy taxes and other fees against everyone who took the money??? Hold up. How is that any different than said "Big Evil Banks" giving a loan to a person with all the fine print, etc., that goes with it. That person pays it back early, paying all the penalties, and fees associated with it. Then, the bank says, "Oh you know, Mr. X over there didn't pay his back, so uh, client? Fork over some more dough." What. the heck. Seriously? Why is it wrong for banks to make money? They are a FOR PROFIT industry. If you don't like paying overdraft fees, here's a novel concept. Don't spend money you don't have. Don't like late penalty rates, and over limit fees? Pay your bills on time, don't spend more than what you have. Realistically, the majority of people never overdraw their account. A few will do it once or twice a year. A handful will repeatedly overdraw their account. Guess who's making the most noise? Ugh. I'm so tired of hearing about this. When you make bad decisions, there are consequences. If those are bad business decisions, than your business would fail. Some of these badly-run institutions need to fail. There are plenty of good ones that are eager and waiting to help people be financially sound and successful.
Getting off soapbox now. Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts . . . . it's a pretty hot topic for a lot of people.