Thursday, September 1, 2011

What to write?

I get stuck on what to write. Or not write. I think of great things while I'm at work (with no blog access), but then have lost it before I come home. I need to do something about this. But, for right now, here's how my week started.

Mom had made new curtains for me. She dropped them in the mail with a couple of other things. The box showed up on Monday, ripped on one side. Inside was a towel and potholder from their Alaska trip, a cute journal idea, and an external hard drive. I was a bit confused, but figured that maybe the curtains weren't done yet, so I called her. "Mom, how am I supposed to access this hard drive? You didn't send me any cords." "What hard drive?" "The one in the box." "We didn't send you a hard drive."

Turns out at some point, the box got ripped open, and someone else's box got ripped open. Whoever discovered it didn't know what went where, so they just put it in the box. Someone got my curtains, and I got their hard drive. Isn't this how the movies start? Random piece of electronic gadget shows up and then big men in black with big guns show up to retrieve it. Uh, big men? I didn't access it. I gave it back to the USPS. And my curtains are MIA. Mom said she's remaking them.

In the words of my co-worker. Bummer, dood.