Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Last night I was in visiting my local magician, aka my hairdresser, Susie, and we were catching up.  She does a fantastic job of making me able to pass for being in my 20’s (gray?  What gray?), and gives me time to hear all the local news (ahem.  Gossip.)  In discussing who is dating who, and who isn’t dating who, she asked me who I was dating.  Always a fun subject matter.  So, I told her about my first meet up thanks to Tinder, and how that had played out, and she mentioned that several other clients of hers had decent luck with Plenty of Fish.  Ugh.  Have I mentioned how dating is NOT for the faint of heart?  One thing that I liked about P of F is that you can say what you are there for, and what you’re looking for.  So, why not?  If in fishing you cast out lots of lines, might as well try a different pond, right?  Well.  Let me tell you. 

If fishing was like this in real life, no one would go hungry.  Within a couple of hours of signing up, I had several messages and “likes”.  Some of them, just like in real life, thanks, but no thanks.  If you can’t be bothered to even include one picture, I’m not interested.  But, there were a couple of interesting prospects.  Now, to figure out the time to actually fit in a date . . . . .