Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Life

Have ya'll thought I abandoned my blog? Wowza. I had no idea that it's been so long since I've updated! This being blog-banned while at work, makes it a little more difficult to keep up.

So, what have I been busy with? Well, typically, August is my busiest month work-wise, and this month has been no different. My counterpart was on vacation for 2 weeks, which left everything for me to do. Great for sales, not so much for problems. And, last week I kept getting tough problems. That's one of the things I love though, in that it's always new things and other things to figure out.

I also had my health check up for work today. I didn't meet my goals, but I did make progress. The interesting thing is that my THS levels were out of whack, which could explain why I keep a headache and stay so tired. I guess I'm going to be making an appt. to see if I can figure out what that's all about.

I've had a few posts percolating in my head, so maybe I'll get those written and posted in the near future. I've been reading blogs, but have been slacking in comments. I'll be back, just give me til September . . . .