Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wait . . . I saw this on a blog, and for the life of me this morning, I can't come up with it to link. So, if it's you . . . let me know and I'll fix it!

I don't have any pics to play with this early, so I figured I would try this one this week. Pretty self explanatory.

Rant: Idiots who fly up the interstate, and try to run everyone else off. I don't have a problem with you speeding - I don't usually run dead on the speed limit. But, when you run up on someone, swerve around them, run in the middle of both lanes, and then slam on your brakes in front of them? You are begging for an accident. And, let me tell you - you are NOT invincible.

Rave: The new song by Michael Franti "Say Hey". Have you heard it yet? You can't help but be happy when you hear it.

Rant: The first Tuesday of the month. It's chock full of meetings, and it is NO fun. Yesterday, I went from one from work straight to the squad meeting. I took enough time to let Britney out, exchange heels for flip flops and call it good. L O N G Day.

Rave: Verizon. Everyone I know that I love to talk to uses it, now including my BFF Msh. So, texts, convo's, everyone, unlimited. And, let me tell ya. That's a very good thing. I would be very broke if I actually had to pay for the minutes that I use!

Rant: Rude people. Case in point. "You need to XYZ immediately." There's no quicker way to get my bristles up, and to make sure that is the LAST thing that I'll be working on. The flip side? Next case. "Could you possibly have ABC ready in 24 hours? I realize it's a lot to work on, but it would be really great to have it." Guess which one was ready?

Rave: Fresh veggies. This time of year is so awesome, and every time I turn around, people are helping me/giving me yummy produce. Susan is going to the farmer's market today, so I'll have fresh corn tonight, and I gave Laurel the tomatoes my neighbor gave ME, and she's turned them into Pico de Gallo. I lurve me some summertime!

What about you? Any rants and raves to share?


Little Ms Blogger said...

It's me!

I'm going to link you to my R&R...

Rude people suck!

Mrs4444 said...

I love this meme! Definitely going to try this some time.

Unknown Mami said...

This is nice because there is a balance of rant vs. rave.