Thursday, July 14, 2011


Look! Another post! Already! I had forgotten how nice it is to just sit and type. Sometimes you get fluff. Sometimes not. I'm still not sure how this one is going to go.

I watched Big Brother tonight. Meh. Whatev. The show I've really enjoyed this past spring? Coming Home. Guaranteed tears every time, but so worth it. Lifetime, you now have me for 2 hours a week. I was telling my dad about it tonight, and about the woman in Texas who every day meets troops at the airport to welcome them home and thank them for their service. He told me about the Vietnam time, and soldiers being cursed, spit at, threatened, and belittled. I have talked to MANY people who have said that while they don't support the war, they do support our troops. I think that is so important. My friends son is in the Reserves, and he said that while he didn't like being over there, he and his companions wished that we could at least finish what we have started so that they don't ever have to go back.

I've been following the trending topic #40thingsaboutme. I started with my first one tonight - "I'm adopted, and I don't care about finding my 'real' mother. I've always felt like I'm right where I belong." That's usually the first question I'm asked, "Do you want to find your real mother?" Why? Is she lost? My real mother is the one that has dealt with me and my joys, heartaches, drama, and successes for the past 35 years. And, last I checked she's in California. I'm curious about my biological mother, simply for medical history reasons, but nothing more. I've been told as I get older I'll get curious but it simply hasn't happened yet. My adoption was never a secret. My grandmother has told me that once while in a sandbox, I asked another child, "Did your mother have you or did she get you?" It's just something I've grown up knowing. If you've stumbled across this somehow because of my tag, I'm happy to discuss my feelings and thoughts on the subject. Otherwise, it's time for a little WoW. 'Cause I'm something of a geek like that.