Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Afternoon

This afternoon I'm back at work. Had our girls night out, and it was an experiance. First of all, we had a blast. That group usually is, but it was just . . . what I needed. The interesting part, was that I had joked I was going to go find some hottie. Well, once I got there and got to dancing/carrying on, was that I didn't WANT to find someone! I was having a great time just hanging out with my friends! It made me realize: I'm happy with my life, I LOVE my life! I'm not a man-hater or anything like that - I love being with/around a guy I care about, but I'm also loving things the way they are! I'm a big believer that you can't be happy with someone until you are happy on your own, and ya know what? I'm doing it! I'm reminded of the S&TC episode where Carrie complains that there are bridal showers/engagement showers/wedding receptions/baby showers, but nothing that says, "Hey, congrats, you made it to 30 all on your own." Amen! Where's the Hallmark card for that?
On another note of stupidity - I threw away my ipod this week!!! Not really, but I was putting new seatcovers up when Andi stopped by. So, I took my ipod off, set it on top of the Blazer, and promptly forgot about it. STUPID!!!!!!! Ugh. I have been SO frustrated with myself. Ever do something that stupid?