Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Evening

Friday? FRIDAY? How the heck is it Friday already? Yesterday was wonderful. I have the most amazing friends that do a great job of adopting me on the holidays. I went with Annette on Wed. evening. We left my place about 6p, and went to pick up her child from the Army. Sidney is something else. He had "adopted" a couple of his friends as well. After only one wrong turn, which my super-spiffy-cool cell phone got us straightened out from, we got there about 12:30. That would be AM. Ugh. Then, turned around and came right back. Got to my house sometime after 5. Again, AM. Slept til about 8, then got up to go to Karey's house. I LOVE her kids, her house, their life. Everyone is always so happy and fun to be around. Went out to their cabin with them for the turkey deal. Yummmmmmm. Ya know the best part about being an orphan? Hee hee . . . no cooking!!!! You know the worst part? No leftovers!!! I'm going to do Christmas dinner at my house, so I'm sure that will lead to some interesting blogging.
When I moved into my new house, I threw out my old tree and ornaments. Ok, so they needed to go. Today, I found a spiffy deal on a pre-lit (YAY!) tree for $29. I couldn't resist it. Maybe I could, but I didn't . So, tonight I'm going to my friends place to watch a movie, and then tomorrow I'm going to hang lights, and put up my new tree!!! The last race of the season will be on Sunday, and then I get to get into the whole Christmas season for real. Ho Ho Ho, and all that schtuff.