Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday Evening

Let's see if I can keep THIS blog going. How about if we start with a basic "about me". I'm just past 30, single, and loving life. I didn't really realize this until this past weekend, but I have it DARN GOOD! I just recently moved into a new house, and it couldn't suit me better. My puppy has the run of the house, and I can't wait for spring to really get at the yard. I've been told not to do pruning/etc until AFTER things bloom. Ok, I'll take their word for it. I dated a wonderful, spectacular guy for the past 2 years, but since he had moved on, it's past time for me to do the same. I have CRAZY drama when it comes to guys, but usually with a really humorous bent. Really, I don't go looking for trouble . . . it just manages to find me! I'm a pretty normal girl. Very optimistic which can be annoying for my friends, I know. I work for a bank, volunteer with my local rescue squad, and work for our local drag strip. You know, rednecks racing? It used to be pretty boring, but now that I've learned more, I love more. My two most amazing spectacular friends are Annette and Michelle, and you'll hear lots about them. What else? That'll have to be it for tonight. I love to meet and hear from new people, so say hello!!!