Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crack of Dawn

That's right. My fabulous friend and co-worker (and Britney's favorite letter-outer) called at 5:52 this morning. Polls open at 6, ya comin'? We had planned it last night, but I told her I'd have to have a wake up call! Now, you should know. In all the time I've lived in Skeeter Flats, I have NEVER had to wait in line to vote. And today I did! Do you know how exciting that was? 20 minutes in, and I was number 22 to vote! 8 more people, and the whole town will have voted. Ok, so that might be an exaggeration, but still! Anyway, here's me and Cindy . . . she didn't want me to use her picture, so she's hiding under that hat.
I really did go down in my PJ pants and fuzzy slippers! Nothing wrong with that, right? No makeup, it's a horrible picture, but it's a memory . . . and I'm all about making memories! The only problem was coming home and finding this:
I forget how much my puppy LOVES bread. And I inadvertantly left a loaf out on the counter after fixing dinner last night. Guess it's back to the grocery store for me!