Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Back!

This one will be short and sweet, because I do want to share my pictures from the weekend. I tried to do a better job with Twitter, because, ya know, Twitter is my friend and all that. I got amazing photos from the ride on Sunday. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Racing, at the Dirt Track at the Lowe's Motor Speedway. 3 days of dirt racing. We saw a sticker, "You're not a real race fan if there's no dirt in your beer." Well, I didn't have beer, but I did have additional seasoning in my lemonade! I was so glad to get back to my life, and my puppy! I've gotten so used to "Sheri" time. Still, I had a great weekend, and tons of "blogging" material, so stay tuned these week!
PS - I'm not big on being really political, but please, please, please. VOTE tomorrow! I'm so sick of all the commercials. Still, I firmly believe that voting is not just a right, but an absolute responsibility. VOTE! And then come see my pictures from my mini-vacay.


Lula! said...

OK...THANKS THANKS THANKS for letting me know about your Twilight journey. And owning the books is a beautiful thing--worth every penny it takes to purchase them. Let me know when you read Eclipse (it left me breathless--and I had to wait an entire 11 months for Breaking Dawn to be released!)...and then when you finish Breaking Dawn.

So good. Do you understand my devotion to the world of Edward & Bella now???