Friday, November 7, 2008

My Mama

It's that time of year. I got past Halloween, I'm hearing Christmas Carols at Wal-Mart, and I'm starting to pick out new and exciting recipes for this year. So what does that mean? It must be my Mama's birthday!

Mom and I go way back . . . way way way back to the phone call. "Sister W, are you ready to become a mother? You need to pick her up by 5." Really. It happened like that. See? I told you babies come from the baby store!!! Labor and delivery, overrated, I tell you! My grandpa didn't believe it . . . he thought some idiot had decorated the wrong truck! But, then, there were the 3 of us . . . Grandma, Mom, and Me! So, without further ado, here's Mom!

In looking through photos this year, I'm come to realize something. Dad's always the one taking the pictures! So, since Mom is one of his favorite people, it's been fun to go through these. (Mom, are you sorry you left the photo albums with me yet?) Anyway, I'm pretty sure that this one was taken at Lagoon, in Utah. A very long time ago!!

And, I'm guessing, this was at a park in Roy. Easter Egg hunt . . . maybe?

Picnics were a big thing for my family. Many a time there would be fried chicken, potato salad, and other fixin's (although, while still in UT, those were fixinG's) and take off for the mountains. Usually VERY cold water to be found, which was perfect for chilling a watermelon.

Ok, so, I missed this trip, but here's Mom and my brother, Brad. She'll have to fill me in on where and when this was taken!

Going exploring . . . always fun, and the more of a teenager I became, the more obnoxious I became about what fun was. But, Mom was always up for some adventure, and always annoyingly positive about what a GREAT time we were going to have. And you know the worst part? She was right!

But, as teenagers go, there's always a way to get even . . . esp. if Dad is handy with a camera! This was taken in a Haunted House in Gatlinburg, TN. Yeah, I only WISH I had a figure like that!

My Mom, a natural redhead with beautiful green eyes. And the interesting thing? People would always tell me I looked like my Dad, and Brad, like my Mom. I'm sure it was the eyes . . . Brad's were a crazy awesome shade of green, too!Mom, and her Mom and Daddy. See? Everyone comes from somewhere . . . it's just from the baby store, I tell ya!Mom and Dad are still in Texas, doing the whole mission thing that they love so much. I admire them, out there, standing by their beliefs, teaching, sharing, and loving. These last two pictures, from my visit this past April. I love you, Mom! Happy Birthday!!!