Sunday, May 31, 2009

Better Communication?

You know, when I was a teenager starting out in the dating world, I thought it was awful. It was so hard to figure things out. What if he called and someone was already on the phone? Would he try back? What if he had called and we had just left?

Now, it's a whole other ball game. I have home/cell/work phones, all with voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting. I also have text messaging, a blog, MySpace, Facebook, and yes, I Twitter. You know what? If he doesn't call, it means just that . . . he didn't call, and I know he didn't try to call.

Before you go getting carried away, this isn't about some guy in particular. A friend and I were talking about it earlier today, and so it's just been on my mind. I guess it was about 2 years ago, since it would have been right before M&D left for Texas, that I got a text message asking me to a concert. Do what?? Seriously? I'm as forward minded as the next girl, but please . . . at least pick up the phone, and call!! I promise . . . girls don't bite. Well, we might nibble a little, but we don't bite!

What do you think? Has technology made relationships better, or are we using the added tools as crutches to prevent meaningful connectivity?


Anonymous said...

New to your blog from Mama Kat's. I've often pondered this question myself. I was recently in a long distance relationship for several months, and the extra technology made the distance much easier to handle. But in general, I think it tends to take something away from connecting with one another. Great post.

Mrs4444 said...

I think it's been mostly great to have all of this technology. You've inspired me to write a post about this-Thanks!