Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday - and today is an awesome Friday, because I'm only working a half day today, and then I get some blissfully free time for a few days. I so need it. I keep telling work it's going to be Mental Health day! If nothing else, I'm going to be good and lazy. But, since it IS Friday, that means it's time for Friday Fragments, and I'm pulling from my Twitter updates.
My favorite quote this week was this . . . "Go to Heaven for the climate, and Hell for the company."-Mark Twain. What can I say - I found it humorous.

Saturday they cancelled the dirt track due to all the rain all week. They couldn't get the track prepped in time for the race that night. I ended up working at the Drag Strip all day - not necessarily a bad thing. The Pro Outlaw 10.5 cars were running. They're some of the fanciest/quickest that we get up there, so I enjoyed watching them. One guy, got about as close to the guardrail and still keep paint. My heart stopped each time one of them got "squirrely", but that's what keeps it good!

We had a "good" call go out on Sunday. My friends think I'm nuts, but the bigger and badder, the better. "Motor Vehicle Accident, tractor-trailer vs. van, helicopter is on stand-by" BEAUTIFUL day to be out playing rescue, not too hot, no bad weather, blue skies. Usually you're in the dark, in rain/snow/mud, and this was not the case. Of course, that meant that as we approached the scene, we got cancelled. Now, don't get me wrong. I hate seeing anyone hurt/sick, but my ideal wreck is one we rarely have. We had to cut the car all to pieces to get the guy out, but he wasn't even scratched. I think I'm the biggest white cloud that's out there!

Do you know my dog chews her toenails? It's the weirdest sound in the world!

Went to Don Tequila with Laurel and Stacey again this week. It might be time to change it up some. As I walked in, Victor asked me if I was having my regular, Vegetarian #3! I might have spent just a little too much time there!

Did ya'll SEE the Grey's Anatomy finale? SO did not see that one coming! This fall can't come soon enough! Also, I saw the trailer for "Trauma", and I can't wait for that one either . . .
Time to go put myself together - I have to tame my hair into something respectable!

T. G. I. F. . . . and then some!


shopannies said...

son in law is sort of like you as he is fireman/ rescue person it is too funny how he despises fires yet loves to put them out

Swoozie said...

Yay for 1/2 days at work. And on a Friday?! Bonus!

Great Friday Fragment Post! T.G.I.F.

Mrs4444 said...

I am SO with you on the Friday thing!!

Sounds like your dog needs a pedi!

That racing is so foreign to me. I enjoy picking up your excitement from it :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

Your dog chews its toenails???? Is it an annoying sound; is it annoying like the person always cracking their knuckles?

I hope you enjoy your day off. It cleared up here in CT and I'm hoping you're having a beautiful day as well.

I am Harriet said...

Love the Twain quote.
TGIF to you too!