Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blogging Block

I did something tonight I haven't yet had to do . . . I resorted to a prompt to come up with something to write about, and I'm so glad I did!

How did you meet . . . .

Michelle. She's the best thing I got out of my college career. We met while we were attending SVC. When I first saw her, she had her hair pulled back slick and tight, wearing a perfect white and black Nike outfit, head to toe, and perfectly polished make up. She screamed big city girl, and I was just this little hick from the sticks. She was tall, slender, and seemingly glamorous.

At the time, I worked in the bookstore, and my hours didn't allow me to get dinner. We had another mutual friend, Cait, and I had asked Cait to bring me a sandwich. Well, Michelle fixed it. I didn't know that you can screw up PB&J, but Msh put butter on it. Ugh! Still, it was memorable . . . very much so.

Later on, one evening when we were just hanging out, chatting, I mentioned about something in my past. She was sitting on the top bunk, and I remember her flipping down onto my bed. "You did WHAT?" I don't even remember what that "what" was, but I do remember at that moment realizing that we might have had more in common than we thought. It was on from there . . .

We discovered that we had attended the same school out west, at the same time, and even attended the same functions, we just never met. In fact, we both dated the same guy! That summer when leaving for school, I was not happy to be leaving my new friend behind. She asked if I knew where Tryon, NC was, since that was where she was going to be for the summer. Errr, YEAH! About 20 minutes from my house! That summer, she had Wed. nights off, so I would come home from work, go straight to bed, so I could get up later and spend time with her. Dad finally banned us from playing Taboo on the same team, because we're so in sync, we don't have to really talk, to talk.

My senior year of college, I got one of those calls. The kind that no one ever wants to get. Come home now, Dad said. Bring Michelle. I didn't realize how bad it was until he said that. For 5 hours, as we drove from VA to NC, we both talked about anything and everything, knowing that bad stuff was happening. She held me together through helping to write an obituary, calling friends and family, and then the remaining time in college. I know this - I wouldn't have made it without her.

Fast forward a decade or so. When I went to visit her a few years back, I got in her vehicle. This big city girl now had an inch of dust inside her vehicle (she's into horses - forgive her), and Waylon Jennings in the CD player. I urged her to come back . . .she had gone too far to the other side!

Now, I'm the one that's putting on heels and make-up every day to go play nice with my clients. She's happily married, with her adorable baby, and running her non-profit. Every time I think about her, I realize how blessed I am to have her in my life. She's the first person I want to call when something good, bad, or comical comes up. We've been through so many life events - births, marriages, death, accidents, broken hearts, and I wouldn't change a single second of it for anything. It's been pure joy to watch her blossom into a successful career woman, loving wife, and glowing mother. I wonder if she knows - she's my person.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Wow! She sounds like a wonderful person to have in your life.