Monday, May 26, 2008

Babies and flags

It's about daggone time . . . Kasey FINALLY decided to let them pop those babies outta her . . . and at 6lb, 4oz and 5lb, 15 oz, those are some big twins! CONGRATS!

Saturday night at the race track, we were all standing around for the National Anthem. I had a guy pull up to get in. I indicated I'd be with him in just a second. I believe it's a basic level of respect, that we should stand and honor the flag when the Anthem is played, and that means taking a "time out". This guy didn't like that. Now, he had to get over it, but what has happened that we are so callous and in a hurry that you can't take 2 minutes to pay proper respect? Men, take off your hats, everyone, put your hand over your hearts, and wait for the end. You know, "Gentlemen, start your engines!" (Just kidding about that last part . . . ) I read about this woman in Reader's Digest, that was so disgusted with the way people acted during the National Anthem, she started this website. I thought it was a great idea! I'm afraid people have gotten so fed up with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are forgetting that you can support the troops, even if you don't support the war. On the other hand, if no one stands up for what is wrong in the world, quickly, there will be no on to stand up for what is right. What do you think? Today is Memorial Day. It's not just a three day weekend for those of us banking folks, it's a day to honor and remember those that have gone before us. What are you doing today to make that happen?

In October last year, I had the privilege of attending Msh's grandfathers funeral at Arlington. It was an intense opportunity, and one that I will never forget. Not just the service, although that was moving in and of itself, but to see the rows, upon rows, upon rows of servicemen that have served our country, and each one of us. And, Arlington isn't just THE National Cemetery. It's one of over 100. I hope everyone has the chance, at least once in their lives, to visit and pay their respects to one of these places.