Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today I did it. I whacked off my hair, and it's going to Locks of Love. And, I have to say, it doesn't look half bad! I forgot how much fun it is to have STYLE in your hair . . . not just have it lay there and not do much. I'll get pictures posted ASAP.

Also, in the good news directory, Asurion called, and my new Env should be here tomorrow! And, because of the trouble in getting me a phone quickly, they are going to be sending me a car charger, which I didn't have before. Cool. Works for me! While I appreciated the loaner phone, it is NOT what I've been used to.

I got to thinking last night, which is always dangerous, but I was thinking that I had to leave at 4 am for my flight. At 6. In Richmond. Wait a minute . . . that doesn't exactly work! So, me, who gets her best sleep between 2 and 5, will be on the road to Richmond. Who do I know that is up all night? This doesn't bode well! But, I am SO excited to get to visit family. And, my rebate check is going to be here this week, and I'm thinking about picking up a spiffy digital camera for me. I'm tired of always having to borrow someone's when I want to do something, and so often Britney is being SO cute, so, why not? I mean, isn't the point of the stimulus package to stimulate the economy? I better do my share!!!


Ok, Where Was I? said...

Your comment on PW is hilarious!

Carol said...

Good for you Sheri. I whacked off mine today too and am mailing it in to Lock of Love this week.