Monday, May 19, 2008

Back to the norm . .

This weekend was fun, but I'm sure glad to be back to a normal schedule! I got home Friday night/Sat am. about 2:30, and then Sat night/Sun AM at 3 from racing, and then had a squad call and got home from THAT at 5! Then, I'm on call tonight, as well. Whew! What a weekend. But, at least I'm not sitting at home doing nothing! This week promises that even though I'm giong to have a pile of overtime, at least my evenings are relatively calm. Back to normal racing, and then Memorial Day weekend. It'll be nice to have an actual day off from everything!

Had fun on our call Saturday night/Sunday morning. Long story short, we ended up out in the middle of nowhere - can't see any lights, and the road abruptly ended at a large field with grass as high as the mirrors! Little bit aggravating, esp. when you're already on the verge of exhaustion!

Just to let you know, L., you are not playing fair! I know you're up to something . . . . keep on, and I won't make you any goodies for Saturday!!! Now, homemade bread for someone else, yup, that might happen!!!!