Friday, May 2, 2008


This is why I currently love my house. Springtime flowers are amazing, but who knew this is what would be waiting for me? Part of the fun of moving in last October was seeing what was here this year. I had no idea! Last night it was in the high 50's, and I wrapped up in a blanket and sat on my swing, watching my puppy relax. Last night Britney and I walked down to the river - our nightly excursion. There's just something about watching her sheer delight as she chases and chews apart sticks in the water. She just radiates happiness. I know that sounds crazy, since she is "just" a dog, but life wouldn't be the same without her. People can't believe that she's an inside dog, but it's funny. In the evenings when I'm sitting outside, she's right by the front door. I think she's afraid she's going to get stuck out there!

Today I'm just working until 2:30, and then I'll relax some before heading to the track. Tonight we're going to be making up from the past 2 rain outs, but it doesn't look good for tomorrow night! We'll have to do a sunshine dance. What are your plans this weekend?