Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fragments

Happy Friday everyone! It's time for another Friday Fragments, courtesy of Ms. 4444.
One of those weeks where I had something going on every single night. I hate those weeks - and more so since my Wii Fit came, but more on that later. Monday night I had the FD meeting. I have to say, there's more humor, and it's more laid back, then the squad meetings, but, it's still a meeting. Yawn. Keep in mind, I work, hit the gym, and race home to walk Britney and get to my meeting.
Which gets me to Tuesday. They had a special call meeting to vote on a couple of things, and I decided if they wanted me there, they could have Britney, too. No, she didn't vote, but she got a whole lotta lovin'!
Wednesday was Cub Scouts. Heather asked me to write up a brief description of our program. Unfortunately, "Kids show up. We entertain for 90 minutes, parents pick them up." Not quite sure why that one didn't make the cut??
I also got my Wii Fit. There are some games that I don't like. There are some that I love. And the free step? SO wonderful. I can watch TV while I do it. And yes, my calves still are one stretch away from a major Charley Horse.
Last night was Skills Drill. Every quarter, I have to go take a 10 question test to maintain my certification. Yeah, it's a multiple guess thing, but you wouldn't believe how much you can second guess yourself!
And, why is it that the later you are, the slower the person you get stuck behind? I HATE getting behind someone who wants to go 45 when the speed limit is 55. And then, when you hit the broken lines, they decide to speed up to 65. What the heck??
And, I am SO not coordinated enough for the Dance Dance Revolution game I picked up. This girl's got NO rhythm, but I'm sure I provided great entertainment for anyone who might have glanced in while traveling down the road.
This morning it was 60. SIXTY. 60 degrees when I was walking my puppy. In February. I have the worst case of Spring Fever ever. And tomorrow they are calling for freezing rain? Ugh.
That's enough for today. Have a great weekend!


ZooKeeper said...

My girls have DDR and I know I can't do it so I haven't even attempted it, I'd wind up with a sprained ankle or something. My calves were also killing me on my first couple rounds on the Wii Fit.

Mrs4444 said...

Sheri, I loved your fragments this week; especially the one about slow people on the highway. GRRRR. In fact, there are so many good fragments this week, I'm putting them all in one post, including that one of yours!

Jealous of your Wii!! But I'm also happy for you and inspired by your dedication. You go, Girl! :) And I am SO with you on the DDR thing. I hate feeling so uncoordinated.