Thursday, February 5, 2009

Writer's Workshop

I'm late, I know. I've spent my whole week being late. Deal with it. :-) The universe got turned on it's side this past Saturday when I was supposed to meet my friend K. AT 5p. Now, K. runs on K-time. Never on time. And, I'm totally ok with that. So, I was going to be there at exactly 5, along with a good magazine, and life would be fine. At 4:45, her son text'ed me wanting to know where I was. Er, why? "Cause we're waiting on you." HUH? So, since then, I've been late. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, on to Mama Kat's workshop. Ten things on my mind this week. Here goes.
1. Why is that Wal Mart had Wii's on Monday, but today, nada? Go figure.
2. How is it that every single night I sweep up fur, but Britney isn't naked yet?
3. I can't WAIT to see Msh and her baby girl tomorrow night.
4. Warm weather. Like, seriously warm. 60 degrees warm. It'll be here Saturday.
5. I only have 4 more Saturday's til racing again? How did THAT happen?
6. I love, love, luuurrrrve my flannel sheets. They are the BOMB!
7. Facebook . . . scary how many people I've caught up with in the past month!
8. Personal Finance should be a requirement for people to graduate from high school.
9. I'm having issues. All I want for dinner lately is nachos. Yummy!
10. I really, really, really love my life. When's the other shoe going to drop??


kel said...

I swear, I think everyone I have ever met is on facebook!! it's weird, isn't it???

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Psh. I spend my whole LIFE being late. lol!