Thursday, February 12, 2009

Writer's Workshop

Good morning, everyone! It's time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, and again this week, something easy! I was going to write about my 5 favorite current things, but it's too early, and I'm too sore to try to come up with those. So, on to . . .

1.) What was the first CD (or record or cassette) you ever purchased? Write about the way that particular album made you feel then. Write about how it makes you feel now.

I was at college right after high school, and I bought "The Phantom of the Opera". I was at a school where it was "cool" to have any kind of musical talent or appreciation, and I had heard my roommate singing several of the songs from this. I remember being so moved by the power of the songs, and the arrangements. I then got the sheet music to some of the songs, and learned to play some of them. It made me realize music was something more than just pop music on the radio.

Now, I've kept my appreciation for music other than what I can find on the radio. In fact, yesterday at work I was telling them about Evita and they looked at me like I had sprouted another head! I remember being in Argentina and visiting the Casa Rosada, as well as Eva Peron's burial place. No way I would have even known about it if it hadn't been for Evita. I still love to crank some Phantom when I'm cleaning house. I'm amazed at how much music I do have, and the random variety of it. I love to have music playing while I'm walking, cleaning, driving, working out, any time at all!

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kel said...

I've seen or heard Phantom of the Opera! (hiding my head in shame..) Great post!

ZooKeeper said...

I have the Phantom of the Opera too and Les Miserable. Both awesome, I need to break them out again, it's been a while since I've listened to them.