Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Product Awareness

One of the things about myself that drives me crazy, is that I love trying new products. I mean really. Can I not just be happy with something? But, I'm convinced that the NEXT one will make my house spotless, my hair impossibly shiny, or my dog to have minty fresh breath. Occasionally, I manage to find such a product. I'm still completely in love with my Venus razor, only use Hellman's Mayonaise, and I adore Cover Girl's LashBlast mascara. I found a new one last night.

Dear Herbal Hessences,
You're cheesy commercials drive me NUTS. But I have to give you this. Your products smell amazing. The only problem, is that in the past, that's all they've done . . . smell good. But, with you're new one, you've hit it out of the ball park. Tousle Me Gently is the most wonderful stuff! It takes my just-past-wavy-not-quite-curly hair, and makes it non-frizzy, and hold it's shape through a whole day of running my hands through it. And after a night of sleep? Doesn't stick up everywhere! Finally. One that was blog-worthy!

Now, on another note. While playing last night, it was mentioned to me that "Send Me An Angel", yes, the cheesy 80's song, had been re-made. I You-Tubed it, and promptly visited Itunes. It's a rocked out version of the song, and it's fantastic. During the same download session, I picked up a couple of Jon Schmidt songs. Do you like piano music? This guy is amazing! I once linked to his Love Story Meets Vida la Vida, and I love his other stuff. Still, it's odd to go from an Alternative Rock song to a smooth piano piece. I guess that's just how it is, right?

2 more days . . . then I'm off for 3! I'm in my month of working no more than 4 days a week at the main job . . . vacation fell in just a way, along with other federal holidays. Wish me luck as I suffer through . . .


Harlem's A Hatin said...

I'll have to try that brand of Herbal Essences because I have the exact type of hair you described!! Thanks for the review!