Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hello, May

What the heck? How did it get to be May already? Anyway. Yesterday I zipped on over to Lowe's and picked up a shovel and pruners, and did a bit of yard work. While the Forsythia bush was gorgeous this Spring, I couldn't see around it for cars coming down the mountain. Now, I'm one of those girls that I need to know exactly what it is I'm looking for at Lowe's. I love the store, but have no idea what I'm doing. Trust me on this. I'm standing in front of this HUGE display of clipper-things, and I find one that looked like it would do the job. I get home, and they're not pruners - they are "Florist Shears", and designed to strip leaves/thorns off of arrangements. Yeah, well, they clipped that forsythia bush just great, too! I also trimmed back the evergreen thing, and the dead branches from the Rhododendren. You know, those are hard words to spell!

I wasn't very happy with the mutt last night. For the last three nights, she has found the most horrible smelling things to roll in. This does not make me happy!!! It means that I have to bathe her! And, last night everything that I touched broke/fell over/spilled. Not a good night. But, now I see Stacey and Carrie coming through the door with Dairy Queen, so it's going to be a fabulous afternoon!!!!