Friday, September 19, 2008

Crazy Week

I have so not been loving my blog as of late. So, let me catch you up. Then, there might be just a tiny funny Sheri-dating-story at the end for you.

This week was rather crazy. Tuesday night I went to my friend K's house, and helped with some random things. And she fed me. Yumm. Slurp. She does these cube steaks with onion soup mix and mushroom soup and oh my word. Delish. I know they're easy and all that, but they are SO much better at her house!

Wed. we had a meeting about an hour and a half from here. It was . . . a meeting. Yawn. Learned a couple of things, but otherwise. Yeah. One of those. Then, that night was Cub Scouts. I was really excited about it because B's rug rats came. I think they had a good time . . . hope so anyway.

Thursday my wondermous friend A. came up and took me to Chinese. I really needed an A. fix, and we had a great time. And ate good, too! I lurve me some General Tso's chicken! It almost offset my car again being stupid and temperamental. B. said as soon as he gets a chance he'll come down and take a look. Fortunately, my oh so awesome (did I really just say that?) boss came and took me to work today.

I've talked to Mom and Dad a bit this week, and while they still have no power, they are still doing wonderfully well. A couple of the missionaries have no apartments to go back to, but as Dad said, it could be worse. They're only missing a roof. Look how quickly stuff will dry out! Yeah, that's my Dad!
Ok, funny dating story. There was this guy, Rob. Rob hit on me one day at the gas station. He made a comment about a sticker on my parents car. We had an on again/off again, never really serious, time. He would always rent these LAME movies in hopes that I might make out with him. I got really good at being enthralled at bad movies. Hello, "Albino Alligator" anybody? Anybody? One day he invited me to the lake for a day with him. He borrowed his mom's convertible, and off we went. The drive to Lake Lure is gorgeous, and we had a great time. At one point, he went off to play volleyball. Me, in my eternal quest for a decent tan, had covered myself with baby oil. I asked him to wake me up in 20 minutes to flip. 2 HOURS later, he came back. "Uh, you might want to flip over." Genius me, then rode back with the top down, in my swim suit!!! I was blistered SOO badly, I still have a permanent tan line from that suit. Wehn I got home Mom told me to go on and take a bath now - I wouldn't be able to stand it tomorrow! Was she ever right . . . . And the guy? Not a clue where he is these days. Still, he was tall, blond, blue eyed, and I have happy yummy memories of NOT sun-burned times with him!