Sunday, September 21, 2008

Such a Stud . . .

B. fixed my car! Whoo hoo! K. was right . . . he can fix anything! I'm so relieved. Took the old starter off, put the new one, and we were in business!

Last night when I got home from the race, it's obvious that Fall is here! I was SOOO cold. It was 54 degrees outside! Ok, so maybe not freezing, but maybe I need to wear more than shorts up there! I'm not really big on being cold . . .

I've been told since I'm seeing this "country boy" that I need to get on the camouflage bandwagon. I've been told that everything comes in camo. I could almost see myself compromising on a pair of flip flops, but when I went past this in Wal Mart, I finally believe it. EVERYTHING comes in camo. Seriously? You're really worried that your beer might be spotted?
Now, which is the bigger problem? Camo design on beer, or the fact that I had my camera out so that I could blog about it??

Speaking of having my camera, one of the guys from the drag strip gave me a ride to work Friday night due to my disabled vehicle. A car drove past us and flicked it's headlights. Over the next little hill, guess what we saw?
And, she was getting along just as well as the other deer that were with her! Poor thing, but at the same time, wow! That was just so cool! And, that's why I carry my camera with me. You just never know what you're going to run into . . . beer or wildlife!


-Bridget said...

I love how the Busch is written in hunter safety orange so any hunter knows not to mistake their beer for a deer. Don't want any mishaps there!