Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yawn . . .

So, here it is morning again. How does time fly by so quickly? This weekend was pretty quiet, as far as weekends go. We rained out of racing Friday and Saturday, so I had a whole Friday night, all to myself! That is SO rare. Saturday, B. came by for a little bit, then I went to Lynchburg with K. on a Sam's run for the track. One heavily loaded vehicle and a trip to Olive Garden rounded out my evening. Yummm. I LOVE their salad! We ended up racing on Sunday, and had a really good show.

This week, I had last night to myself, and then tonight. Then, it gets crazy again. Scouts, helping K. get ready, then racing Friday and Saturday. Big show. Big BIG show. But, it's good times and I'm really looking forward to it.

C.'s granddaughter stopped in for a visit yesterday, always a highlight of my day. For some reason, she actually likes me. Hard to believe she's 8 months old already! And, speaking of growing up, Msh's daughter must NOT like me. Every single time I talk to her on the phone that kid ends up screaming! I'm so looking forward to visiting with her. I need a Msh fix!!!

I can tell the weather is turning cooler. For the past few nights, Britney has knocked me in the head to let her under the covers. No, my dogs not spoiled or anything! She's also figured out that if she whines and runs into the bathroom, usually I'll turn on the faucet for her to have fresh water. See, I can be trained! Like I said . . . not spoiled at all, just well-loved. Do you have pets? How many? Are they members of your family or just animals? What's the most spoiled thing they get to do?


Lorie said...

I know a lot of people consider their pets like their kids. I consider my kids like my pets!! ;D Just kidding! (sort of!)

We actually do not have any pets at the moment. Not quite enough room for more living things. But my kids are getting to the age where they are going to start asking. So I am sure this will soon change!