Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, I'm a really bad blogger. I've seen several others, "Where were you . . ." so, I'm sharing.

I was working for Wal-Mart as a CSM. The cute boy I'd been flirting with came in, and told me that a plane had just crashed. He said he thought it was a small plane. It quickly became apparant by others comments that worse had happened. My shift was 9-6, and I called M&D to let them know, since they don't follow current events like that. WM eventually changed their in-store feed to Headline News. I called Msh, since she was getting married 4 days later and currently worked in the Reagen building. She talked about being evacuated by big men with really big guns and mean dogs. She cried and told me how surreal it was to be getting on the Metro and getting home. She had planned for everything BUT a terrorist attack!

Her wedding 4 days later was a gorgeous event, but strange. 1/2 of the people who had RSVP'd couldn't come. One of the other bridesmaids was barely able to fly in on time. We missed the rehearsel because I was picking her up from BWI! I remember driving on the interstate, and all the over passes had people on them flying the flag. It was such an outpouring of patriotism and support. Pretty overwhelming.

So, today, was another day. I tried to spend some time remembering, and thinking, but in reality, you have to move on. I'd love to go to the sites someday.

Tonight I am going to B's house. He's been after me over and over to go out there. I've only been once, and that's when he took me. See, he's 20 min from work in the OPPOSITE direction of where I live, so almost 45 minutes from my house! Anyway, I'm going to make a chicken braid and spend some time with him and his kids. Fun stuff.