Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Monday

Happy MLK day everyone! I lurve federal holidays! And, I made the most out of today. Ms. R had invited me up to play wii with her kids, and so I got up early and walked Britney. I love walking down to/by the river. you never know what you're going to see. Deer, skunks (ugh), raccoons, birds, beavers, and fish. Today, I saw a new critter. I saw rings in the water, and looked to see if what I thought was a fish, jumped again. Imagine my surprise to see sleek dark brown fur streaking through the water, and then 4 curious heads pop up - a family of otters! I'd only ever seen them in the zoo, and it was so much fun to sit and watch them flipping, turning, and poking their heads up to get a look at Britney and I. They didn't stay long, but I enjoyed every second of seeing them. I really wish I had my camera with me!

Then, I met Laurel at the gym, and proceeded to have an awesome workout. It felt like nothing, but when I got off the elliptical, 715 calories burned. Whoo-hoo! Then, strength training, and I called it quits. Visited K-roger, and got groceries for dinner. Off to the R house, where I tried to whomp the kids in boxing. It ended up being a draw, and I am now so sore, it was well worth it! I made Stroganoff for their dinner, and I think it was a success. Now, I'm off to find a hot shower and warm bed!!!