Monday, January 12, 2009


It's Monday, and it's cold out there! I just let Britney out, and I nearly had to push her off the porch. Poor puppy - she's smart!

This weekend was another average one. I hit the gym Friday night, and there was almost no one there. The advantage of a school gym - co-eds have better things to do on Friday night than work out. The flip slide is that today it'll be packed with same said co-eds making up for a weekend of bad behavior. I laid around in my flannel PJ's watching old episodes of Kelly, Brandon, Donna, and the others from that infamous zip code, and called it a night.

Saturday I walked Britney, played some PS2, and then went up to the R's with Ray so he could work on their computer. I played Wii with the kids, and discovered that boxing is a great upper body workout! It was awesome. That night, B & the kids and I joined the R's at Olive Garden . . . salad, yummy!

Sunday was the same old, with a long snooze with Britney that afternoon. She slept right up on my legs, but it was wonderful to have some quiet time.

Weekends are filling up, so there may be some more interesting posts/pictures in the future . . . I hope. What about you? Anything interesting to report?


LazyCrazyMama said...

cuddling up with a doggie sounds wonderful in this weather. My dogs don't want to go out either. And of course with this weather, I have to stay at the door ready to rescue them if they get out too far and their feet get too cold to make it back :)