Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday . . .

First of all, I need to say a very special thank you to the nice deputy who did NOT pull me over when he clearly had about 107 reasons between the main highway and my house. Mom, you might want to stop reading about here. Ok, so technically while there is no posted speed limit after you turn off the main highway and my house, making it technically 55, there really isn't a sane person who will drive that. In fact, as I was cruising home I was thinking, "Wow. Someone else who drives like me. Scary." Yeah. And I crossed the double line more than a couple of times. Hey, I pay for both sides, right? And I can see headlights coming, right? Anyway, as I breeze into my driveway, I see that lovely brown and reflective striping. Oops. I'm so glad he had better things to be doing tonight!

Good weekend over all. I got to play the Wii some. I have so got to get me one of those! Friday night was calm and lazy. Saturday, I cleaned the car. Like, washcloth and hot soapy water like Dad taught me. And you know what? The car gets WAAAYY cleaner that way! Then, I pulled out my vacuum, and you what else? That vacuum gets into little crevices WAAAYY better than the one at the car wash! Then, just for good measure, I pulled out the Armor All and the Q-tips and cleaned the little crevices. The car looks 100% better!!

We also had EMT competition this week. That's right. We're just sick and twisted enough that when we can't get real bodies, we pretend break people then compete to see who can put them back together the best! Sadly, we got 3rd place. A couple of stupid mistakes, but that's ok - that's how we get better in real life, right? Oh well, at least the meal was decent!
And, I'm happy to report that the gym is paying off. Check my post here and read all about it! Are you changing anything to get a healthier lifestyle? I'd love to hear about it - esp. the crazy snacks you are using! I've got to get something cheap and easy!! :-)