Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where'd it go?

I have to say. I feel like today was a bad date. Let me tell you why.
This morning, I got a call from Mr. Boss man. "We're opening on time, but we may close early." Whoo HOO! One of the bad things about being out of school - no more snow days! Anyway, I got up, checked the weather, and it said, "Heavy Snow - 8:45" Not a "chance of snow", but heavy snow. So, at 9am, I was all, "Where's the snow?" Like the big date, you get ready for it, you anticipate it, you exchange flirty texts, then, he stands you up. Huh? It was going to be good. And, did I see a single snowflake all day? Nope! And, it was 5:45 and we were headed home (after a full day of work!), before I started to see foggy trees. Well, they were icy, but Mr. Boss Man swears we were just seeing heavy fog. Whaaa??? Where's my snow??? I'm so tired of cold weather . . . give me something to go with it!!!
Tomorrow: Rain. Cold rain, but still, just rain. Pbbb. Maybe they'll cancel school anyway, and I won't have Cub Scouts. Maybe. Yeah. Hey, it could happen!