Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Fragments

Well, not really. See, I really like the idea of Friday Fragments, but I'm not sure this will qualify. Am I disowned yet?

It's been an interesting couple of days. New Year's Eve, I was supposed to take a 1/2 day of vacation. Due to various people out and doctor's appt's, I didn't get to leave until 3-ish. Well, that's ok. Ran to Wal Mart, and actually got out for $10 LESS than I had planned! That doesn't happen too often, and I made up for it today. On my way home, I saw smoke. Lots of smoke. On one of the windiest days of the year. I thought some idiot was burning leaves, and I was going to call the FD, but when I found the fire, there was no homeowner there. Errr, that's bad! Called and found out the fire department was on it's way, and I went on home. Once I got there, I discovered a line down across the road to my house. I traced it, and discovered it was my phone line. Now, I can live without phone, but internet? We're going to have to talk! The line wasn't completely down, just right about windshield height - and the perfect height for returning fire trucks to hit! Fortunately, the fire chief was paying attention, stopped, and arranged for the other trucks to stop. It pays to know the right people! They zip tied that wire back up, and everything was good. I paid them in beer and cookies . . . Thanks, GVFD!

That night I went to a dance at another fire department. Dinner first with L&K, C&L, and B. I had shrimp, thinking that would be healthier than the steak. Yeah, it would have, 'til it was drowned in butter sauce, but it was oh, sooo good. The dance was a good time - lots of munchies and great company. I'd show you pictures, but . . . I prefer to keep my friends! I got home without incident, and without any calls, my kind of a night.

I was lazy yesterday - played several hours on my Star Wars game (yes, I'm a nerd!), and tried out my new crock pot. Today, I got up, got some of the Crock Pot chicken out to take to work, and headed in. I was running a bit late, but figured it would be ok. Got about 7 minutes from the house, and realized I had forgotten lunch and my pocketbook. Since I was sitting on empty, I had to have my debit card. I turned around, and got home in time to catch the mutt with her head and ears down. Tupperware opened, no tooth marks, and not a drop on the floor, or in the dish! Little brat ate my lunch! Bad dog. Got back to the gas station, where they were OUT of Diet Dr Pepper. Huh?? Really? No caffeine? Not a good day. I'm going to go home tonight, and try to do it all better tomorrow.

How about you? Is your '09 starting out right?


Mrs4444 said...

Don't worry; this is plenty fragmented :) If you want to know how to add links to your posts, I'd be happy to tell you; it's easy-peasy!

Do I have to have a fire to get the beer and cookies?